WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (6/22): Championship Changes Hands, Title Matches Announced For 'Extreme Rules,' And More

WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (6/22): Championship Changes Hands, Title Matches Announced For 'Extreme Rules,' And More

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WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (6/22): Championship Changes Hands, Title Matches Announced For 'Extreme Rules,' And More


This edition of Monday Night Raw took place once again at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida with PC trainees in attendance. Multiple title defenses took place including Asuka defending her Raw Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair, plus Ric Flair was scheduled to appear on the show to crown Randy Orton as the greatest WWE Superstar ever.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre came out to the ring. He talked about R Truth helping him retain the WWE Championship last week and said now he’s looking to the future. Dolph Ziggler interrupted him. He explains that he got traded to Raw and said he is proud to see Drew getting his moment, becoming WWE Champion. Dolph said Drew would’ve been done if not for him. He claimed he brought Drew to Raw and became tag team champs because of him. He then claimed Drew became WWE Champion because of him. Dolph wants a title shot at Extreme Rules. Drew called Dolph an entitled jackass. Drew asked Dolph if he really wanted this match. Dolph nodded to him. Drew accepted his challenge.

Nia Jax came down to the ring and slid a chair into the ring. She sat in it. She said she was cheated out of becoming champion at Backlash and last week. R Truth interrupted her, rapping down to the ring. R Truth said he had a title match but then accused Nia Jax of being the real Akira Tozawa. Akira showed up near the commentary table. The ninjas came after Truth, running all the way backstage. Nia said she’s not leaving the ring until she needs an explanation until Charlotte Flair interrupted. Charlotte mocked Nia for crying about her loss to Asuka. Nia mocked Charlotte for getting what she wanted because she’s Ric Flair’s daughter. Charlotte said that he is now known as Charlotte Flair’s dad. Nia claimed that Charlotte has never beaten her and is scared to face her. Charlotte attacked Nia and the two of them brawl in the ring. Referee’s separate them.

The Viking Profits hype up their tag title match backstage. Dawkins said they will do whatever it takes to keep their belts. The Raiders warn them that they will do whatever it takes to ge the titles back around their waists. As they leave, Zelina Vega watches them, looking intrigued.

The Street Profits Defeated The Viking Raiders To Retain The Raw Tag Team Championship

They hug after the match. Andrade and Garza attack The Profits from behind. The Raiders came into the ring but they escaped in time.

Seth Rollins says to Theory and Murphy backstage that he has a message for Rey Mysterio.

Back from commercial, Seth Rollins cut a promo backstage, saying he has accepted his role for the greater good. He said defiance will result in suffering. Seth said whatever happens to Rey and Dominic, it is on him. He said the greater is good is coming and there will be nothing he can do about it.

Charly interviewed Charlotte, asking her about her arm that is hurt. She said her arm will be fine enough for her to raise the Raw Women’s Championship. She leaves. Charly went over to Garza and Andrade, asking about the attack on The Profits. Garza said they had to take a risk. Vega announced that they are going after the tag titles.

Asuka Defeated Charlotte Flair To Retain The Raw Women’s Championship

Charly interviewed Nia, asking if the brawl earlier affected Charlotte’s match. Nia said it would be a shame if someone were to kick Charlotte while she’s down.

Edge cuts a video promo. He said he kept fighting at Backlash even though he had a torn tricep. He said he needs to wake up a side of himself he didn’t dare to wake up. He talked about Randy punting Christian and how Randy woke up the side of him that he will step on anybody’s back to get to the top. He said he’s going to embarrass him. He said he will tare his life apart brick by brick. He tells Randy that he woke up the evil.

Charly interviewed Randy about what he did last week. Randy said he struck because he was backed into a corner. He knows Edge and Christian will live happy lives if they are far away from him.

Charly interviewed Charlotte about her loss. She gives Asuka credit but then Nia attacks her shoulder. She slams Charlotte’s shoulder into a crate.

Akira Tozawa and R Truth were about to have their 24/7 title match until Bobby Lashley and MVP came out. They took out the ninjas. Lashley put the Full Nelson lock on Truth, knocking him out. Tozawa came out from underneath the ring and pinned Truth to become the new 247 Champion.

Natalya interrupts a potential interview, saying that she is the leader of this division and she should be the one interviewed. She said that she has an important announcement to make. She said she can’t now since she has a match.

Natalya Defeated Liv Morgan

Charly interviewed Big Show about his return. He said his career has mostly been about his Big Show show. However, he said there is still an angry giant in him and he will head into the ring as that giant.

Ric Flair made his way to the ring. Ric warned Nia Jax that Charlotte is going to get back at her. He claimed that Randy Orton is the greatest of all time and he is in the building to crown him as that. Randy Orton came out to the ring. He bragged about punting Edge and Christian, making himself the greatest of all time. Big Show came out to interrupt. Big Show said Randy is going to pay for what he did. He said Randy leeched on to someone to get to the top and lost respect for Ric for allowing it. Big Show warned Randy that Edge is coming back for revenge. He claimed he will break every bone in Randy’s body. Randy called Show a future Hall Of Famer and a legend. He said it would be a shame that Show would suffer the same fate. Show dared him but Randy retreated. Randy warned him that whatever happens next is on him.

Sasha Banks and Bayley Defeated The Iconics To Retain The Women’s Tag Team Championship

After the match, Sasha revealed that she is jealous of Bayley being a double champion. Sasha announces she wants a title match. She swerves everyone and challenges Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. Asuka came out to the ring and said that she is not the boss of her. She accepted the challenge but then Asuka gets attacked by them. Asuka tried to fight back but Sasha got her in the Banks Statement.

Bobby Lashley is interviewed backstage. He talks about hurting R Truth to make a statement. MVP talked about Apollo Crews and offering Apollo his services. He said if Apollo makes the wrong decision, it will be on him.

Ruby Riot confronts Liv Morgan. She wants to talk to Liv but she tells her that she doesn’t need her luck to be any worse.

MVP hosted the VIP Lounge with his guest Apollo Crews. MVP said he respected Apollo after he beat MVP in the MITB qualifying match. He said that he needs someone to guide Apollo to take him to new heights. Apollo said he appreciated the offer but he declines. MVP tells him that Apollo won’t be able to have the U.S. title on his shoulder much longer. Apollo said he’s been dealing with people his whole life and he won’t let people change who he is. MVP warns him that the title is coming home where it belongs. Shelton Benjamin came out to the ring. MVP distracted Apollo, causing Shelton to attack Apollo. MVP said that this mistake was from Apollo was free the next one is going to cost him.

Apollo Crews Defeated Shelton Benjamin To Retain THe United States Championship

MVP distracted Apollo after the match until Bobby Lashley attacked him from behind with the Full Nelson lock.

Rey Mysterio and Dominic came out to the ring. He tells him that he scared him last week. He said he didn’t expect his son to get out of a 3 on 1 situation but he’s proud of him. Rey said he is also mad at him for risking himself. Rey said no matter how big Dominic gets he will still be his father. He said he’s going to get his revenge on Seth alone. Dominic tells him that he’s not going anywhere and calls out Seth. Seth came out, saying they put him in a difficult spot. He said it’s not up to him with what happens to him, it’s up to fate. Seth walks down to the ring but then brings out Theory and Murphy. Humberto and Aleister Black came out to take out Theory and Murphy. They all surround Seth. Seth gets hit with a 619 by Rey. They all try to put Seth near the steps but Murphy and Theory come to his aid. Seth was about to put Dominic’s eye into the steps until Humberto and Black chased them away.

The show went off the air as Black and Humberto help Dominic and Rey up and Seth and his crew retreat.

Review: I’ll be honest, I like the new format they are doing with Raw. There may be less ring time but they’re going towards storyline angles which leads to reasons for the matches happening.

I’m surprised they only had one segment with Drew McIntyre since he’s the champion. The promo itself was pretty good but I don’t know if I could get into a rivalry between them.

The two best championship matches of the night were the Raw Tag Title Match and the Women’s title match. Charlotte and Asuka stole the show plus The Profits and The Raiders put on the most entertaining on the show.

Sasha Banks is now going to feud with Asuka for the Raw Women’s title. This is just another way to keep the story between Sasha and Bayley going and to build up more tension for their eventual feud.

Charlotte and Nia are going to be feuding, which is okay I guess. It’s not the most exciting but it’s a different rivalry for Charlotte.

The Randy Orton segment with Ric Flair and Big Show was really good. However, a Big Show/Randy Orton feud is really not the best way to go. We’ve seen Show and Randy face each other plenty of times and I don’t see it keeping it on the same level as Randy’s feud with Edge. Speaking of Edge, he had the promo of the night. I can’t wait till he is healed up for his return.

Apollo Crews’ feud with Bobby Lashley and MVP should be interesting. I’m glad they are giving a lot of time for Apollo especially on the mic. He’s not totally there yet when it comes to promos but he did a good job. Lashley also costing R Truth his 24/7 Championship will have him align with Crews to rival with them.

The closing segment was really good. The Rey/Seth feud is getting intense. I don’t know if I’d put this segment to end the show though, more of a opening segment if anything.

If I had to grade this, I would probably give this a 6/10.

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