Jon Jones mulls sitting out 'years' to spark change from UFC

Jon Jones mulls sitting out 'years' to spark change from UFC


Jon Jones mulls sitting out 'years' to spark change from UFC


UFC fighters continue to gripe about revenue sharing, even though the league has given them a platform to showcase their talents, and it doesn’t appear they’ll be backing down off their soapbox anytime soon.

Jon Jones has had quite the rollercoaster of a career, but given the legal issues he’s battled over the years, he could surely use the extra money to set him up for life outside the Octagon, when he hangs his belt up for good.

In the meantime, though, Jones is putting the league on notice, threatening to even potentially sit out, if need be. He, along with other fighters, believes the UFC is exploiting its guys, and has asked for more share of the revenue for their fights.

And, apparently, if he doesn’t get it, he may even sit for a few years, if need be, which he stated on Steve-O’s “Wild Ride” podcast.

“I’m not asking for anything outrageous, and I know we’re in a pandemic, and I know when you’re a multimillionaire and you’re asking for more, it makes you seem like this greedy person,” Jones began. “I’m very aware of all of this, but I’m also very aware that I have the voice and the platform to make change.”

“Most of the guys who are doing the absolute worst are not in the position that they can say publicly, ‘I have a second job, I’m borrowing money from my parents.’ I know so many fighters who are living in the Jackson Wink MMA gym because they can’t afford to have their own apartment, and they’re UFC fighters. So this is sad. And if I have to have a bad relationship with Dana, sit out for two years, three years, to bring light to what’s happening, then these are the things people remember you for more than winning belts. I stood for the younger fighters.”

It’s unlikely that the UFC is fazed by Jones’ threat. Not only that, it wouldn’t be a wise decision from his standpoint, as at 32 years of age, he isn’t getting any younger anytime soon.

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