WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (6/29): Contract Signing For Championship Matches At 'Extreme Rules,' New 24/7 Champion, And More

WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (6/29): Contract Signing For Championship Matches At 'Extreme Rules,' New 24/7 Champion, And More

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WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (6/29): Contract Signing For Championship Matches At 'Extreme Rules,' New 24/7 Champion, And More


This show came back to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando Florida with a build up to the Extreme Rules pay per view.  The intense rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins continued to escalate. There were also two contract signings for the WWE Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler and the Raw Women’s Championship match between Asuka and Sasha Banks at Extreme Rules.

The show opened with Bayley and Sasha Banks brawling with Asuka in the ring. Officials tried to separate them as Joe was trying to introduce their contract signing. Dolph Ziggler came out for his contract signing with Drew McIntrye. Dolph introduces Drew as ungrateful when Drew made his way to the ring. Dolph claimed that he is the reason why Drew is the top guy in the company. Dolph said he will destroy him at Extreme Rules and become WWE Champion. They both sign their contract. Drew said Dolph will drop the ball like he has always done in his career. Drew offered Dolph to pick the stipulation. Asuka interrupted Dolph, yelling at Sasha and Bayley as she signs her contract. Sasha claims she is the blue print and she will beat Asuka to win the title and take over the whole company. She signs the contract and they brawl. Dolph tried to attack Drew but Drew caught him. Dolph, Sasha and Bayley escaped the ring .

Angel Garza was flirting with female referee Jessika Carr until Charly Caruso asked him what she was talking to her for. Zelina made fun of her and asked what her next question was. Charly asked if they’re next in line for a tag title match if they beat The Viking Raiders. Andrade said yes but got interrupted by The Big Show, saying he’s got to push their match back so he can take care of business in the ring at the moment. Zelina is mad, calling Big Show interrupting them disrespectful.

Big Show came out to the ring to call out Randy Orton. Andrade, Garza and Vega interrupted. Show apologized he interrupted them but he’s got important business to take care of. Garza laughed at Show being called a legend. Show said he is not in the mood, he will knock them out. He challenged them to fight. Vega said she’ll gladly do the Legend Killer a favor and put Show in the retirement home with Edge and Christian. Suddenly, Ric Flair came out.  Ric said he respects Zelina and her crew but he’s got business with The Big Show. He said Randy will come out when he feels like it. He takes a shot at Big Show’s show on Netflix. He tells Zelina to get his guys to do Randy’s dirty work. The Viking Raiders came out and attacked Garza and Andrade.

Andrade and Angel Garza Defeated The Viking Raiders

Review: The match was decent, Garza and Andrade was the right call. This match though didn’t need a commercial break.

The Iconics confront Ruby Riot. They mock her for not having any friends and how she hasn’t won as of late. Riot fired back at them for failing to capture the Women’s tag titles. They say they have each other. Riot challenged them to a match. They accepted the challenge and Riot pulled a page out of their book saying that it will be “iconic.”

Flair came up to Zelina, Andrade and Garza congratulating them on the win. He has them follow him as if he is about to tell him a plan that he has.

R Truth Defeated Akira Toazawa To Become The New 24/7 Champion

Review: It was pretty entertaining match but it was what you expected out of a 24/7 title match with them.

The ninja’s tried to beat Truth for the title by a roll up but Truth escaped.

Bobby Lashley and MVP talk backstage. Lashley tells MVP that Apollo turning you down was disrespectful. MVP says his offer to Apollo is dead. He tells Bobby he will beat him in their match so Apollo can learn from his mistake. They pass by Seth Rollins and Murphy. Rollins tells him that they got to make an important message in the ring.

Seth Rollins and Murphy came out to the ring. He talked about Rey Mysterio and how he is a sacrifice. He said Rey has defied him at every turn so he wants Rey to forgive him for what he is forcing him to do. Seth said he will tare Rey apart. Rey and Dominic showed up on the screen. He said what he will do to Seth will not be by design. Seth said if they stand in the way for the greater good, he will end Dominic’s career before it begins. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo came out to confront them. Seth asked them why they keep standing up for Rey Mysterio when he won’t fight for them. Humberto said Rey isn’t a coward, Seth is a coward. Black said he knows evil when he looks at it and he will punish Seth for everything he’s done. Seth said this ends now.

Seth Rollins and Murphy Defeated Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Review: Pretty good match. This was designed to have Seth look strong for his eventual match with Rey, possibly at Extreme Rules.

Murphy and Rollins take out Black after the match as Black tried to attack them. Carrillo fought back against them but Murphy nailed Carrillo with the steel steps. Seth puts Rey’s mask on. Seth tried to pierce Humberto’s eye but Black saved him. He chased them around but they escaped after Seth curb stomped Humberto on the steps.

Drew and Asuka are interviewed about facing Sasha and Ziggler. Drew said they are going to have fun with their opponents. He said he had Dolph pick the stipulation so that when he beats Dolph he will have no excuses. He said Dolph and Sasha are not ready for them.

Lana confronted Ruby Riot backstage. She offered her services to her but Ruby was not buying it. Lana talked about how they need a leader in the division and said Natalya is that person.

Peyton Royce Defeated Ruby Riot

Review: This was okay, not too much to add except that this was mostly to move the story forward of a possible Ruby Riot and Liv Morgan reunion story. Ruby did look pretty good in the match I will say.

Charly Caruso interviewed Big Show, asking if Randy would set a trap for Big Show. He said he wouldn’t be surprised. He said Ric was his hero and was one of the reasons why he is in the business. Show claimed that Randy is the most dangerous apex predator he’s ever seen. He said Garza and Andrade are getting a very angry giant in the ring.

Big Show Defeated Angel Garza and Andrade

Review: The match was nothing really special but if they wanted to build up Big Show for his feud with Orton, I don’t think choosing Andrade and Garza to get beaten by him was the way to go. They already fought earlier in the show and they are in the tag title conversation.

Big Show landed the KO punch to Andrade after the match.

Apollo Crews was talking with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander until R Truth came in. He is still paranoid of the ninjas coming for him.

MVP and Bobby Lashley came out to the ring for their match. MVP talked before the match, saying that he wants to give back but he is disrespected by Apollo’s rejection. Apollo came out, saying he didn’t disrespect anybody. He said MVP kept pushing on him and the true person MVP wants to help is himself. MVP said Apollo is going to find out why he didn’t want him as his enemy.

MVP Defeated Apollo Crews

Review: I was surprised to see MVP beat him but he’s got to win at some point.

Apollo attacked MVP after the match but Lashley got him in the full nelson. Referee’s, Cedric and Ricochet try to get him off until Ricochet drop kicks Lashley off.

Bobby Lashley Defeated Ricochet

Review: It’s a shame that Ricochet has been regulated to being in this spot but at least he did get a little shine which was a plus in this match.

Lashley put the full nelson on Cedric after the match.

Ziggler talked with Sasha and Bayley, talking about him being the coach of their team and follow his lead. They laugh at his face, saying they have been more dominate on SmackDown than him. Bayley tells Ziggler to not screw this up for Sasha.

Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler Defeated Asuka and Drew McIntrye

Review: Really good match. Sasha getting the pinfall victory in the way she did was a good call.

Overall Review: Kind of lackluster. There were more talking than action and I don’t mind the promos but it was just talking with not enough lines that get us invested in the rivalries. I liked the main event match and the way the show opened with the contract signing but other than that, it didn’t feel like much of a show.

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