Esports is Changing the Game Once Again

Esports is Changing the Game Once Again


Esports is Changing the Game Once Again


Gambling and betting are now experiencing a massive boom in 2020. Gambling has undergone significant changes in the recent decade, which lead to several trends in the future. With the technological revolution, clouds spreading over the world, gambling, and betting are set on the course of expansion even further. The technological advancement has also revolutionized the gambling industry to make it secure and accessible around the globe. It is considered the prime factor that makes an industry successful and lasts longer in the future. Many casinos and betting sites are always working on new ideas to deliver the best gambling experience. 

Now with the availability of cryptocurrencies and live dealership, gambling will experience a sparking growth in 2020. Not only the sports, but the gambling habits have also shifted to the gaming to enjoy their favorite team. All these trends have increased demands for software developers to develop efficient gambling systems for users. While the relaxation of laws has also helped in the growth of gambling and betting in recent years, with that said, let’s discuss seven rising trends of gambling and betting in 2020. 

Jul 19, 2019; Miami Beach, FL, USA; A members of team Luminosity plays against team Midnight during the Call of Duty League Finals e-sports event at Miami Beach Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports




With technological advancement, online scams have become pretty much universal on the internet. It has become quite hard to find a safe and responsible gambling casino on the internet. Accountable gaming is another essential factor that has pushed the gambling experience. The government and authorities provide guidelines for the safety and control of gambling on the internet. 

Now, online gambling follows these guidelines for fair gambling and control on boards, vendors, and operators. There are many enhanced security features like Two-Factor authentication and end-to-end encrypted transactions. Some systems now even support face recognition to make their online gambling safer. 




One of the most prominent trends in gambling is an interactive gaming system provided by gambling casinos. The technological revolution has allowed the casinos to deliver the best and interactive gaming experience to the users. Moreover, the video gaming world is also stepping in for good in gambling. Now, players can easily log into their favorite online casino and deal with the Esports bookmaker to bet on their favorite teams. 

Interactive gaming systems now allow their users to watch their favorite games online. The content available online is also interactive with the luxurious setting, including wall-panels, and kiosks. They can access entertainment and gaming online on different consoles like Sega, Nintendo, and Atari gaming systems. 




With the dawn of the online world, digital transactions have also upgraded with more secured and decentralized payment. Cryptocurrencies were seen among significant online trends in recent years, and the same is happening with gambling and betting. Now people prefer crypto transactions because of the high-level security and ease of use. Many other factors encourage people to prefer crypto transactions. Some of the main factors include the anonymity and decentralization of the system. 

The online casinos are designed and powered for the blockchain technology that allows the users to make transactions without leaving a trail. Indeed, the traditional means of payment is also secure and available. However, with the rise in information breaches and identity thefts, people are now inclined towards the cryptocurrencies. Currently, almost every online gambling platform accepts crypto payments, leading to an entirely new trend in 2020. 

Jul 19, 2019; Miami Beach, FL, USA; A view of gameplay between team UYU and the Evil Geniuses during the Call of Duty League Finals e-sports event at Miami Beach Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports




Thanks to the cryptocurrency, that allows anonymity and a decentralized payment system for gambling. This feature has enabled people to play online gambling games without any restrictions imposed by the government. Since payments by cryptocurrency do not reveal the payer information, this allows the players to gamble no matter where they live. For instance, if the physical casinos are banned in a country, interested people can play gambling online without restriction.

As said earlier, the crypto payments are going to increase soon. It will expand gambling, reaching all over the world. According to research, online gambling is set on the course of rising with up to 8.77% until 2024. These figures give a clear idea of the rising trends around the gambling world. 




The world is going through a pandemic crisis, with the lockdown imposed around the countries. The physical casinos are shut entirely to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, online casinos are boomed with players who are staying at home. But still, most of the players prefer live dealers online for realistic gambling experience. In this case, many casinos are taking this opportunity to offer live dealers to deal online. Now many games like Baccarat and Blackjack offers live dealer to boost the game dynamicity and player experience. 




VR or Virtual Reality gaming is also picking up a lot of attention in the gambling world. VR gaming allows more immersive and detailed casino experience online. One benefit for the VR gaming is that the players can live and enjoy the casino level experience, without leaving their home. Most of the online gambling support VR to allow their users to play favorite games from the comfort of their homes. 




Those who are tired of playing the same old Blackjack or Caribbean Stud Poker can now try new table games. Primarily, these games need a lot of skills to play correctly. If you are a newcomer to the gambling world, you must first try and learn new table games. Online gambling operators are continually introducing new table games for the players. Moreover, the online casino systems use algorithms to find out the most liked games by a player. Later on, the system suggests them similar games based on their interests. 

Final Words

The online gambling world is getting huge and will expand to even better in the coming years. The casino operators are also striving to deliver the best and safest gambling experience to their users. Moreover, the players will be offered more diverse and interactive opportunities to stay in the dominant trends line.

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