Importance of Social Media in Sports

Importance of Social Media in Sports


Importance of Social Media in Sports


Social media has brought immense changes to sports. Like in many other fields, the different social media platforms have drastically changed the way people view sports and sportspeople. It has not only enables fans to interact among themselves, but also interact with their favorite athletes.  Businesses have also taken advantage of social media where they use famous sportsperson such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi, LeBron James, and many others to promote their products. These sports personalities have strong influence that makes the products they promote gain strong market command. 

Mar 8, 2020; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) is interviewed by ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters after the game against the LA Clippers at Staples Center. The Lakers defeated the Clippers 112-100. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Created a stronger engagement in sports 

With the increased use of mobile devices, it also means that more and more people are now more involved in social media interactions. It is now easier and convenient to open accounts for the different platforms than it was before. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others have become part of people’s daily lives. The platforms are great tools for providing information about sports. You also find top athletes all over the world, showcasing how they sharpen their sporting skills, interact with their fans, and do sports promotion. All these aspects have made social media be a great tool that allows more people to get engaged and be more aware of what is happening in the world of sports and sportspeople. 

Business marketing benefits

Jun 20, 2018; Moscow, Russia; Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo (7) reacts in Group D play during the FIFA World Cup 2018 at Spartak Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

Increased use of social media in sports has offered sports organizations with a myriad of benefits in their marketing strategies.  Note that most people have a lot of trust and confidence with their favorite sportsmen or women.  So, if a business organization uses those athletes for marketing, they end up gaining the trust and confidence of their prospects and retain their customers too.  For instance, a lot of companies use Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and other top athletes to pitch their products due to their strong online presence. It is also possible to buy followers on instagram or other platforms, depending on the sports personality they follow.  This is a cost-effective way to promote their brands.  Therefore, social media in sports has made it possible for businesses to develop good relations with customers, leading to a reduction in marketing costs and higher profits. 

Development of personal brand 

Social media in sports has also helped athletes to develop their brands. They use different social media platforms to share information and also interact with their followers or fans. This is a great way for them to make themselves more popular than others. Note that in sports, popularity is a great motivating factor. If they own another brand, interacting with the fans provide economic benefits to such brands. Their updates get viewed and shared more online, leading to increased popularity for their individual brand. 

Social and talent development benefits 

Sep 15, 2019; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown (17) reacts on the sideline during the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Sportsmen and women are great social in influencers. What you might have realized that most people, especially the young ones, copy the behaviors and lifestyles of their favorite athletes. They follow them on their social media platforms where they get to know the kind of lifestyle they live.  Besides, the athletes use their social media networks to carry out charity work and fundraise for projects geared towards community development. Many people have also sharpened their sporting skills by following their favorite athletes through their social media.

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