Arsenal ties Leicester City 1-1 in English Premier League action

Arsenal ties Leicester City 1-1 in English Premier League action


Arsenal ties Leicester City 1-1 in English Premier League action


Arsenal and Leicester City battled to a 1-1 tie in English Premier League action on Tuesday. It a battle of two teams that were both above the .500 mark, Arsenal now leads the entire league with 14 draws. They have one more tie than Wolverhampton.

Arsenal scored the first goal of the game in the 21st minute. Forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Laval, France put Arsenal up 1-0 with his 20th EPL goal of the season. Aubameyang has the second most goals in the entire league this season.

Remarkably, the only player that has more goals than Aubameyang is Jamie Vardy, the striker from Sheffield, who plays for Leicester City. It was Vardy who tied the game up at one goal apiece with a dramatic game-tying goal in the 84th minute. Vardy’s game-tying marker came as he slid on the pitch, and got his foot on the ball past Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez of Mar del Plata, Argentina. The goal was counted after a lengthy video review for a possible offside. For Vardy, he now has 22 goals this season in the EPL.

Vardy’s goal also came with Leicester City having the man advantage. Eddie Nketiah was given the red card for Arsenal in the 75th minute.

Even though Vardy leads the top division in soccer in goals in 2019-20, he still has not reached a career-high in goals for a season. Vardy is still two goals back of his career-high 24 goals he reached during the 2015-16 EPL season. That was also the magical year that Leicester City stunned the soccer world and won the English Premier League table with 81 points (10 more points than second-place Arsenal). Vardy was also second in the EPL in goals that season, as he had one goal less than Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane of London, England.

Leicester City is in fourth place in the English Premier League with a record of 17 wins, nine losses, and eight draws for 59 points. Arsenal is in seventh place with a record of 12 wins, eight losses, and 14 draws for 50 points.


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