NHLPA Executive Board Approves CBA, TV Schedule Coming Into View

NHLPA Executive Board Approves CBA, TV Schedule Coming Into View


NHLPA Executive Board Approves CBA, TV Schedule Coming Into View


More news leaked out regarding the NHL’s ‘Return to Play’ plan and CBA extension. The NHLPA’s Executive Board has officially approved the tentative CBA. The Board has now referred it to the NHLPA’s membership for a ratification vote.

The vote, according to the NHLPA, will take place starting today. The voting period will conclude on Friday, and results could be announced as early as that afternoon. The ‘secret’ ballot will be conducted electronically, per the NHLPA.

If the players ratify the deal, training camps will open on Monday, July 13th. Players will then report to their respective hub city on July 26th. Games are slated to start in Edmonton and Toronto on August 1st, with the Qualification Round and round-robin for seeding.

In addition, ratification ensures labor peace through the 2025-26 season. It also paves the way for Olympic participation in both 2022 and 2026. All the details you need to know where covered right here at The Oilers Rig earlier this week.

When games begin on August 1st, hockey fans will be in heaven. According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the NHL is planning to ensure that hockey is on TV all day long during the play-in round.

The first game of the day is slated to start at 12:00 pm in Toronto, with the day’s final game starting at 10:00 pm in Edmonton.

12:00PM ET in Toronto (play-in round)
2:00PM ET in Edmonton (play-in round)
4:00PM ET in Toronto (play-in round)
6:00PM ET in Edmonton (round-robin)
8:00PM ET in Toronto (round-robin)
10:00PM ET in Edmonton (play-in round)

The rumored TV schedule has yet to be announced/confirmed by the league, but expectations are that it will be announced once the ‘Return to Play’ plan and CBA extension are officially ratified.

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