Best sports for kids to undertake

Best sports for kids to undertake


Best sports for kids to undertake


Sports are essential for the wellbeing, growth and development of the mind of a child.

Various sports teach children different skills that are applicable in real life. Skills such as problem solving, teamwork and a child learning to push themselves to the limit to achieve a set goal are a few pros. 

Kids are also able to create a lasting bond with their teammates, and these friendships may last a lifetime. Obesity and other lifestyle diseases can also be limited by ensuring that your kid has an active physical sport they engage in. 

Here we’ve created a list of the top sports for kids, along with why they’re great.


The number one sport that any child in the world can practice and play for fun, or even as a career (if they’re super) is soccer.

Soccer improves your child’s reasoning capability, working in unity with others, as well as endurance. The sport is known to improve blood circulation, discipline as they have to follow the set rules, and improves the heart’s health.

A child will also learn about their strengths and maximize on them.


As a parent, boxing might not be the first sport that springs to your mind. However, boxing has an array of benefits for your child.

A kid will learn how to improve their concentration as they are required to have full focus when training, and sparring once they reach that age. This ensures that your kid will develop mental strength to deal with any adversities.

Discipline is also instilled from an early age as boxing has rules that have to be followed. When in a fight, a kid will learn how to control their emotions and anger and use it for the right purpose.

If your child is young you may be wary of them sparring against an opponent. If this is the case we advise getting a kids punching bag for your home, this is a good way to ease them into the sport.  

Also, a child that can defend themselves against the bullies will live their lives with more confidence and not tolerate people with malicious intentions. Self-defense is a tactic learned in boxing.


Jul 3, 2016; Omaha, NE, USA; Connor Jaeger during the men’;s 1500 meter finals in the U.S. Olympic swimming team trials at CenturyLink Center. Mandatory Credit: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

One of the skills that everyone should know is how to swim, even if you don’t compete.

Not only does swimming have lots of benefits for the body, swimming can come in handy in case of natural disasters such as flooding.

When swimming, a child uses all the muscles in the body hence ensuring that the muscles are healthy, it also enhances the lung capacity and teaches a child various flexibility techniques.


Since the wheel was created (maybe not that far), children have had a thing for riding bicycles.

Cycling will benefit your child’s wellbeing in a major way. The child will learn traffic rules, the benefits and disadvantages of speed, and a feeling of control. 

Cycling will also help a child in improving blood circulation to the legs. This will enhance balance and strength. Other benefits include cardiovascular health, decision making and coordination of the mind and body.


Oct 15, 2018; Buenos Aires, Argentina; At the far right, Carmie Prinsloo (RSA) runs barefoot during the Athletics Women’s Cross Country Final at the Pentathlon & Cross Country, Youth Olympic Park. The Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Nackstrand for OIS/IOC Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports

A sport that a child can do with no cost whatsoever is running. Apart from a pair of trainers actually. A kid can do it anywhere either with a parent or with friends. 

Running helps your child sharpen their focus, creates endurance and also ossifies the muscle strength.

The activity is also known to improve lung power and builds a dependable immune system. This will reduce the risk of getting flu and common cold as the airwaves clears when a kid runs. 


Sedentary lifestyle in children which has been brought about by technology has proofed to be a cause of many diseases. As a parent, you have the responsibility to ensure that the growth of your child is wholesome and not limited to video games and watching Television.

Make an initiative to ensure that your child engages in a physical sport for at least an hour per day.

Let us raise an active generation and also avoid diseases such as diabetes. A child will also have a sense of community and the need to work with others to attain the good for the society.

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