Jumping Sports You Should Do To Improve Your Leg Power 

Jumping Sports You Should Do To Improve Your Leg Power 

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Jumping Sports You Should Do To Improve Your Leg Power 


Strong leg muscles are achieved by continuous sprints, jumps, and any form or leg exercises. Also, performing dynamic leaps and jumps trains your leg muscles and joints to work efficiently and be powerful gradually. Moreover, improving your leg power enables you to meet your dynamic jumping objectives.

Jumping plays a major role in many significant social and sports activities. Many of these sport and fitness events allow you to be competitive while harnessing your skills and becoming healthier all in one.  

So, if you believe that your regular gym training courses are the only way to improve your leg power, then you’re wrong. Start by engaging in some jumping sports, such as the following: 


1. Powerbocking   

Modern youth entertainment – jumping stilts.


If power is what you want, it’s just right and fitting to start with something extreme. The culture of extreme sports sometimes involves a few of the scariest concepts people may come up to. Yet, performing such creative sports becomes wide-ranged and gives you more freedom to do anything dynamic.   

Powerbocking, which is mostly related to pogo stick riding, is a perfect example of this. This sport is performed with spring-loaded stilts that are fastened to the feet of the bocker (rider). The stilts appear more like the lengthened lower leg of a kangaroo. With the stilts on, the rider tries to walk normally or, in some cases, had to launch up in the air. To learn more about this, head to Extreme Jumping Stilts

As a sport, the bocker will be scored to do some stunts. The shoes serve like large, scale springs underneath as its rider starts to leap, lifting them to a height of six feet of approximate elevation. This sport enables the rider to reach heights they desire and ultimately improve leg power. 


2. Gymnastics    


July 10, 2016; San Jose, CA, USA; Aly Raisman (far left), Needham, MA, warms up before the women’s gymnastics U.S. Olympic team trials at SAP Center. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

From extreme to something graceful, another sport that can boost leg power is gymnastics. In some gymnastic activities, gymnasts can incorporate jumping strategies.  

There are three main categories of gymnastics: technical, rhythmic, and trampoline. These three kinds include jumping-in events. Gymnast’s beam balance, floor exercises, and vault operations all demand different levels of jumping.  

Rhythmic gymnastics are floor exercises with different handheld items. These exercises often include maneuvering to jump.  

Ultimately, trampoline competitions mainly consist of jumping. The anticipation created by a trampoline might accompany that.  


3. Diving   


If something extreme or graceful isn’t your thing, then perhaps some watersports will excite you. Diving is an excellent, jumping-related sport that can surely develop your leg power.  

Divers use springboards to help launch them and achieve the desired height, allowing them to dive in different ways. A diver jumps many times onto the springboard to create momentum. If there’s enough energy, the diver jumps higher and slightly move forward to do their diving, and then plunge into the waters.   


4. Jumping Sports 


Pole vaulted taking off

When you’re not yet satisfied with the first three sports, there are still a lot of options that improve your leg power.   

Since jumping and leg power is your concern, why not suit yourself with the popular jumping sports in the first place? Below are some common options to choose from: 

  • High Jump: High jump needs performers to sprint then jump across a raised bar. High jumping strategies can differ but typically involves a sideways approach, allowing the jumper to leap over through the bar backward.

    The jumper arches their body to pass over the bar and lands on a wide rubber mat.

  • Long Jump: Long jumpers run a short track to a position that the performer is unable to step over. Successful long jumpers should accurately plan their runs and walk to a line’s rear edge without falling as they run and jump to launch themselves into a sandbox.   
  • Triple Jump: Just like long jump, the triple jump starts onto a narrow path. Before jumping, the jumper must do few sprints towards three designated areas, which are represented by lines. 

Before launching into the sandbox, the jumper should first land safely with one foot in every zone. The pattern of jumping is typically known as hop, step, and jump.   


5. Basketball   

Mar 8, 2020; Sacramento, California, USA; Toronto Raptors center Serge Ibaka (9) and Sacramento Kings forward Harry Giles III (20) jump for the ball during the first quarter at Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports


Though basketball may not be categorized as a jumping sport, it still requires plenty of abilities, poise, and agility. Resilience also plays an important role in everything you’re doing on the court.  

If you’re playing basketball, anything that involves running, passing, and shooting gives you stronger muscles, especially your legs. By playing basketball, the player won’t win a muscle-building championship title. But, it’s a game that can help you stay active and improve your leg power.  


6. Volleyball   


In playing volleyball, jumping height is important in doing various strikes. It’s no surprise to volleyball blockers and hitters that there’s a need for great leg power and jumping ability to execute a good hit. 

Volleyball players tone their legs and understand the significance of their power to perform blocking and hitting.   

Parting Words

Doing strength and endurance related exercises were known as an exclusive way to gain leg power. In a well-rounded scheme for strengthening leg power, jumping sports play a major, sport-specific significant part.   

If you’d like to boost the strength of your legs, it’d be advisable to start the jumping sports mentioned above. 

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