The Alternate Universe: Mets at Marlins 7-10-2020

The Alternate Universe: Mets at Marlins 7-10-2020


The Alternate Universe: Mets at Marlins 7-10-2020


We’ve all been depressed about what’s going on in the world regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, and baseball has become collateral damage. The 2020 baseball season is set to begin in late July. Until then, you can read this blog in the alternate: the one where global pandemics were a myth and baseball was around no matter what. We’re imagining the 2020 Mets season as if everything was normal. Enjoy these works of fiction.

Well that was a waste of two great pitching performances.

Rick Porcello gave up a single run over seven innings in Miami on Friday, and Dellin Betances pitched a spotless 8th … immaculate, if you will (nine pitches, three K’s). But the Mets, in their inevitable come down from a Subway Series, couldn’t lay the lumber on neither Sandy Alcantara for eight innings nor Drew Steckenrider for one.

Luis Rojas sent Jeurys Familia in for the ninth and walked Miguel Rojas (no relation) to lead off the inning. Then the play of the game … Rojas got the green light to steal, and Wilson Ramos got the green light to throw the ball to Fisher Island. Rojas to third. Jonathan Villar and Brian Anderson then got intentional walks, but unfortunately Corey Dickerson got an unintentional walk to score Rojas, and according to the rules of the game, the Marlins win. Look, it wouldn’t be a Mets season unless they had a ridiculous walk-off loss in Miami. C’est la vie.

But here’s the good news:

So the Wilpons screwed the pooch on Cohen’s $2.6 billion bid for just the team, and now they’re getting offered $4 billion for the team and the tee vee station? Figure that if they insist on just selling the team and not SNY, they could have a dead property on their hands if the new owner, whoever they may be, decide to sell the rights to the Mets to another broadcast outlet when the current deal ends in 2030.

The Wilpons couldn’t possibly screw this up, could they?

Today’s Hate List

  1. Miguel Rojas
  2. Corey Dickerson
  3. Sandy Alcantara
  4. Brian Anderson
  5. Jonathan Villar

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