5 Things To Consider When Choosing Road Bikes

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Road Bikes

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Road Bikes


Buying for a perfect bike can be crucial for a person who hasn’t decided why they need fo ride a bike, what kind of riding they will be doing, and their cycling ability. The type and sizes of a bike are also a factor in ensuring that you’re riding comfortably. Eventually, price and quality are the main factors to consider. It’s hard to find top-quality bikes at a lower price because the price range for good bikes usually starts at $500 to $10,000.

However, with Bike Smarts, you can afford eight of the best hybrid bikes for under $500. Hybrid bikes are a mixture of road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes. Hence, it’s considered as an all-around purpose bike because due to its tolerance with a vast range of riding conditions and usage. To help you in making a sharp decision, here are the tips to consider when choosing road bikes.

  • Type of Riding

Start by figuring out what kind of riding you will do because there are many kinds of bikes. As soon as you figure it out, you’ll have a narrowed selection of which bicycle you should use. You may ask yourself the following:

  • How often will you ride?
  • Will you explore the natural-surfaced paths?
  • What’s your purpose of riding a bike?

A road bike or fitness bike is an excellent option if you’ll focus on pavement and ride for exercise. While a cruiser bike is suitable for short and casual rides with the family. On the other hand, a city bike may be best if you want to shift from commuting. However if you ride to commute and for exercise on pavement and natural-surfaced path, then a flexible gravel bike is best for you. Furthermore, a mountain bike is appropriate if you ride mostly off-road or perhaps, more than one type of bike will fit your needs. 

Jun 20, 2020; Punkin Center, Colorado, USA; Elite triathlete Alex Libin (front) pilots the bike of USA paratriathlete Kyle Coon (back) during the USA Triathlon CO – COVID Ride Across Colorado at Colorado Highways. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

  • Parts that Needs Regular Maintenance 

The parts of a bike have distinct characteristics and may affect the comfort, weight, cost, and the overall performance of it. An excellent choice of materials by the manufacturers matters most, and this is how various brands play with their products. Finding the right road bike from thousands of models can be tricky, but if you manage to sort out your needs and purpose, things will fall into place. Here are the main parts of the bike you’ll need to take note of:

  • Frame: This component can be made of aluminum, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber. Bikes made with carbon fiber are more expensive models than other materials. The frames can come in varied sizes appropriate for the riders.
  • Wheels: This is composed of rim, rubber tire, and the hub that connects to the rim through the spokes.
  • Suspension: It’s the system used to insulate the rider and the bike from rough terrains. When riding in an uneven trail, more suspension is required. The lighter and more flexible suspensions are more expensive.
  • Drivetrain: Most drivetrains use a traditional one, but some city bikes incorporate belt drives.
  • Brakes: A bike has three types of brakes. Beach cruisers mostly use the coaster hub brakes. The rim brakes can be found on many models from cheap to top-quality road racers. The disc brakes are hydraulic and are heavier but stop better with less force.
  • Contact points: These include the handlebar (flat or curved), the seat, and pedals (flat, or clipless)


  • Budget In Buying A Bike

The starting price for quality bikes is USD$500, and it’s guaranteed that it will be a good bike that will last. You can get far more out of it to get your money’s worth:

  • $500 to $1,000: Bikes at this range are best for the recreational cyclist. The frame is commonly made with aluminum or steel. Some models have better hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, and lighter wheels and tires.
  • $2,000 to $6,000: These types of bikes focus on performance activities. It has lighter bike weight and increased speed. At this price point, it has performance attributes like aerodynamic tube profiles, race geometry, deep profile wheels, and some advanced comfort qualities in endurance bikes.
  • Pros and Cons


Watch videos about the manufacturer’s specifications, technical information and how your preferred bike is generally made. YouTube has a lot of content that contains valuable information. However, you can also consider the reviews and comments of others. The reviews on websites, magazines, blogs, and forums can give relevant information.

Look for the vital information on the current and future trends of road bikes. Always consider the weight, comfort, how it functions, and safety when riding and choosing a bike.

When buying quality bikes, consider the pros and cons of each shop. Online shops can provide the full list of selection, but usually, test rides and service packages aren’t available. Local shops offer excellent help, brand-authorized products and services but it’s more expensive.

  • Test Ride

You can assess better the characteristics, functionality, and how comfortable a bike is if you opt for a test ride before buying it. For instance, when choosing a commuter bike, make sure it can accommodate the storage needs, and it has a sturdy build that won’t easily break. Don’t just be captivated by the looks of a bike; you should try it first. However, not all bikes are available for test rides, especially those at the low end or very high-quality bikes. It’s better if you ask the shops if they authorize a test ride since it will be an excellent opportunity to feel it first before buying any.

Bottom Line

Choosing the road bike will be easier when the things mentioned above are considered. Deciding on the bike type, size, and its parts, considering the cost, and doing your research can be useful tools in selecting a bike. Remember, the perfect bike is the one that suits your needs rather than buy a bike from luxurious brands or due to its popular designs. 

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