WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (7/13): Go Home Show For 'Extreme Rules,' Women's Tag Team Championship Match, And More

WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (7/13): Go Home Show For 'Extreme Rules,' Women's Tag Team Championship Match, And More

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WWE Monday Night Raw Review And Results (7/13): Go Home Show For 'Extreme Rules,' Women's Tag Team Championship Match, And More


This episode of Monday Night Raw took place once again at the WWE Performance Center with PC trainees in attendance. It was the go home show for Extreme Rules which takes place this Sunday on the WWE Network. The big match advertised for the show was Bayley and Sasha Banks defending the Women’s Tag Team Championships against The Kabuki Warriors.

MVP starts off the show with the VIP lounge. He brought out Dolph Ziggler as his guest. Dolph compliments MVP’s United States title belt. Dolph said he knows what makes Drew tick and will remind him who brought him back to the WWE. MVP thanks Dolph for all that he has done. Drew McIntyre came out to the ring. Drew said that Dolph uses people and that he was only used as Dolph’s muscle. Drew claimed he will hurt him at Extreme Rules. Drew takes qa shot at Dolph with a right hand, laying him out.

Charly Caruso interviewed Zelina, Garza and Andrade. She asked if they can be on the same page against The Viking Raiders. Zelina got heated up during the interview but then Garza calmed her down, telling Charly how confident they are. The Viking Raiders claim that they will run through them. Ivar picked up the rose from Garza to give to Charly.

Angel Garza and Andrade Defeated The Viking Raiders In An Elimination Tag Team Match

Review: Pretty good match, Garza and Andrade winning was the most logic way to go.

Ruby Riot is being interviewed until the Iconics interrupted. They mock her for being all alone. They claim they will beat Ruby in the handicap match. Ruby introduces Bianca Belair as her partner.

Bianca Belair and Ruby Riot Defeated The Iconic

Review: Okay match. I’m glad that they are giving Belair TV time finally.

R Truth goes up to Ricochet saying he won MVP on Raw. Ricochet tells him he’s facing Lashley with MVP. Truth says he got challenged by Ric Flair by Randy Orton. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander tell him he’s facing Randy Orton. Truth confronted Tozawa to teach him but Tozawa refused. Tozawa tried to roll up Tozawa but Truth kicked out. Truth challenged Tozawa to defend the 24/7 Championship.

Truth came out to face Tozawa in the ring until Shayna Baszler came out. She choked out one of the ninjas. She attacked the rest of the ninjas. Tozawa left the ring. Baszler Truth left as Shayna was looking at him. She said she is done with everyone having their fun. She said she will give the women’s division a dose of reality.

Seth confronted Murphy. Murphy asked if Seth is going to actually blind Rey in their match. Seth said Rey asked for this and told Murphy to focus on his match with Aleister Black.

Seth Rollins came out to the ring. Seth said Rey literally meant an eye for an eye. He said he is trying to lead Raw to a greater future but Rey has been standing in the way. He talks about how the way to win the eye for an eye match is to take the opponents eyeball out of the socket. Seth said he will forced to blind Rey so he won’t watch his son get married and not look at his wife ever again. Kevin Owens interrupted, saying that Seth got Rey to the point where he wanted to gouge his eyes out. Kevin said he’s got Seth covered and gave Seth an eye patch. Seth gets pissed and brings out Murphy to attack Kevin but then Black comes out to attack Murphy.

Aleister Black Defeated Murphy By DQ.

Review: Always a good match between them. The finish of the match was awesome with Black Mass with Murphy hanging off the ropes.

Rollins pulled Black out of the ring but then Rey Mysterio came out.

Kevin Owens Defeated Seth Rollins

Rey Mysterio went on the mic afterwards, saying that he will make a sacrifice of his own at Extreme Rules to gouge his eyes out.

Review: Good match. However, it’s the same kind of formula they always do where they transition from one match to another when there is 4 guys at ringside.

Big Show and Ric Flair talk backstage. Ric tells Show that he shouldn’t just do Hollywood and come back to wrestle. He said he should have no reason to come back to wrestle to face a predator like Randy Orton. Big Show asked Ric if he is willing to sacrifice his friendships for Randy.

Randy Orton was talking backstage about people who he have fought for years. Randy talked about putting Edge on the shelf then taking out Christian out. He said R Truth has all his respect for all he has done for WWE but he will feel Randy’s wrath in their match. Ric came over to him to tell him it’s time to go out to the ring for the match.

Ric Flair came out after Truth came out to the ring. Ric congratulated Truth of being in the business for 2 decades bit then tells him that Randy is going to RKO him.

Randy Orton Defeated R Truth 

Review: Not much to really it was short which is what was pretty much expected.

Randy was about to punt Truth until Big Show came out. Randy threatens Show that he will punt Truth if he steps in the ring. Randy challenges Show to an unsanctioned match. Show said “okay,” then goes into the ring but Randy retreated.

MVP and Bobby Lashley confronted Cedric and Ricochet. Cedric said they are not interested in joining him. MVP was interviewed about the U.S. title match at Extreme Rules and said he has already beaten Apollo. Bobby said he will crush Ricochet in their match.

Drew McIntyre was interviewed about the stipulation for Extreme Rules and said he doesn’t care what it is. Dolph attacked him from behind and the two brawl as referee’s try to restrain them.

Bobby Lashley Defeated Ricochet

Cedric Alexander tried to come to Ricochet’s aid but then Lashley took him out with the full nelson.

Review: Pretty good match. It’s really all I got for this match. It’s mostly a repeat from a match they had a few weeks ago.

Charly Caruso interviewed Big Show She asked about Randy’s challenge for the unsanctioned match for next week and she accepted.

Bayley and Sasha Banks came out to the ring. They show a tribute video for themselves.

Sasha Banks and Bayley Defeated The Kubuki Warriors To Retain The Women’s Tag Team Championships

Review: Good match. This was pretty much the match that had to main event the show and there was no way Bayley and Sasha was going to lose the belt. Also they did it to give Sasha and Bayley the momentum for Extreme Rules.

Overall Review: This was not a bad show. I loved that they have given Bianca Belair some kind of role on TV finally and that Shayna Baszler is back as well. Other than that, it was more of just an average Raw and didn’t feel too much like a go home show.

Overall Grade: 5/10

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