These 2020 Fitness Trends Were Unexpected

These 2020 Fitness Trends Were Unexpected

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These 2020 Fitness Trends Were Unexpected


People usually think they can predict trends in fitness, but that’s not possible for the new decade. Why? Because there have already been several big waves of demand for certain kinds of exercise and outdoor play equipment that are quite unexpected. For starters, cities and schools are seeing an increase in demand for playground space and children’s activity areas. With the widespread use of computers and the massive popularity of online gaming, you’d think that kids would be spending much less time outdoors. 

The good news is that grade-school age children and young adults are taking to open-air gyms, machine-based equipment, and other physical health products in large numbers. What are the biggest hits among these groups? The answers are as surprising as they are encouraging because it means more and more folks are seeing the need for healthful forms of daily activity. Here’s a short list of some 2020 exercise and health trends that took everyone by surprise.

Body Weight Calisthenics

People love to workout at home on their own schedules, and old-fashioned calisthenics routines are making a comeback based on this simple principle. There are hundreds of online courses and easy-to-follow video classes for anyone who wants to stay in shape with pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and leg lift routines.

Outdoor Fun Workouts

Look at any grade school in your neighborhood and you’ll likely notice some new construction going on. That’s because schools are taking part in an international trend that includes kids taking recess and doing their gym class activities in the open air. In the UK and elsewhere, practically every educational institution includes at least one play place located outside the walls of the enclosed building. And the options for children are much more plentiful than they were a decade ago, when outdoor recreation areas typically included a steel monkey-bar setup and a couple of swings. Now the options are astounding, interesting, and fun. This outdoor gym equipment in the UK rocks when compared to the old stuff. Youngsters can run in place, use their limbs, and use every major muscle group while they burn off all that excess energy.

Online Group Classes

The recent COVID pandemic led to widespread fitness center shutdowns, at least temporarily. The smarter owners of the bunch decided to embrace low-cost or free online classes for dance, weight training, martial arts, and many other activities. As a way to keep their clientele happy, the strategy worked. Now, even in cities where the facilities are opening up again, quite a few members are choosing to continue with one or two at-home classes per week. It looks like video-based training instruction is here to stay.

Walking Clubs

If running is in any sort of decline, walking clubs were already well-positioned to pick up the slack. And they did, in numbers big enough to make fitness walking one of the major trends of the year. One reason people seem to flock to walking is the simplicity of the sport. Almost anyone can take part, equipment needs are minimal, and there’s a significant socializing component for people who want to make friends and chat while they work out.

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