All There Is To Know About a Virtual Race

All There Is To Know About a Virtual Race

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All There Is To Know About a Virtual Race


For numerous people running a marathon or a race is a way of relaxing and clearing the head. They get a sense of freedom and refreshes their mind for upcoming challenges. Apart from the mental benefits of running in a race, it also helps individuals stay in shape and keep up with their fitness goals. Many people also take part in races that are for charitable causes, and they get a sense of accomplishment from completing those races. However, due to busy routines or environmental factors, there are times when numerous individuals are not able to take part in such races. This can be demotivating and can make an individual feel less accomplished if they have previously been actively participating in running races regularly. 

Luckily, for those individuals who have been a victim of their busy routines or are living in cities that are getting affected by certain weather conditions that prevent them from taking part in such races, virtual races are now the new trend that has become possible due to the advanced technology that has become an integral part of our daily lives. 

What Are Virtual Races And Their Benefits? 

If you are an individual who has been a part of the traditional style marathon running and competing, the first questions that might come to mind are what actually are virtual races and how do they work? How can one compete in a race virtually, and does one get a medal for completing the marathon just like traditional races? 

The answers to all your questions are right here in this article. 

A virtual marathon or race is an activity in which an individual can take part in any location. You can choose your pace, such as walk, jog, or run, and you can choose your preferred location such as a park, a trail, the road, a track, or even a treadmill. You also get to choose your timing, meaning if you don’t like to get up at 5 in the morning to participate in the race or would like to choose the cooler time of the evening to run your race, you have the power to choose to do so. 

For many people, the benefit of being in control of all the aspects of their race is a huge benefit. However, another huge benefit of running a virtual race is that unlike a traditional race, where you have to be physically present on the location, you don’t need to be located in a specific area because the race takes place virtually. Also, during the pandemic, we all know as COVID19, a virtual race allows you to continue participation and even help a charitable cause while staying safe in the comfort of your home as long as you have access to a treadmill. 

Another concern many individuals have is about the medal. Running races provides a sense of accomplishment to the runner, and the medal is a material proof of that accomplishment. Therefore, yes, you do get a medal once you complete a virtual race. However, unlike a traditional race, your medal will be shipped to you once you have finished the virtual race. 

How To Make The Best Of The Situation? 

For an individual who is new to the concept and world of virtual racing, there are a few steps you can follow that will help you maximize the benefits of virtual racing. 

  • Plan Your Route: If you are participating in the race from your home or gym, you will be in the clear from any sort of interruptions that might cause you delays. Another great example of an uninterrupted route would be a paved loop or a running track in a park. However, if you are running on a route that has the possibility of having interruptions such as choosing to run on a sidewalk and coming across traffic signals, try to plan your race in a way that you can go around those interruptions in order to avoid delays in your running time. 
  • Plan The Details: As important as it is to plan your route, similarly it is important to plan the other details of your race, for example, your goal for the race, are you planning to cover a certain distance in a certain amount of time? Knowing what your goal for the race is and aiming to achieve it gives purpose to the runner and, thus, a sense of accomplishment on the completion of your goals. 

Another detail to plan ahead for is the need for staying hydrated. To run any race or marathon successfully, it is crucial an individual keeps themselves well hydrated and takes care of their body. Dehydration can cause major issues; therefore, plan on your preferred method of hydration for the race. 

  • Give Yourself Time To Recover: A crucial aspect of taking part in races is to give your body time to heal and relax after the race. With the ease of access and a wide range of options available, it can sometimes be tempting to participate in one race after the other. However, even if you have been under training to run the race for several months and have prepared your body accordingly after the race is complete, it is crucial to allow your body time to heal and get some rest before taking part in another race. 
  • Set Your Goals Appropriately: when running a virtual race, it can sometimes be tempting to challenge yourself to test your limits. However, it is important to remember to keep realistic goals in order to stay motivated. Individuals who set goals that become hard to accomplish can then become victim to de-motivation, and that can deter them away from racing. 

At the end of the day, virtual races can provide a great solution to the problems of many individuals who are enthusiastic about running but cannot find the appropriate cause or race near them. By participating in the virtual races, they can achieve the feeling of accomplishment that they desire while being in control of all aspects of their race. 

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