Here We Go?

Here We Go?


Here We Go?


Ok, I know I need to edit Phil out of the collage.  I guess let’s see if there really is a season this year.  Once I saw Justin Herbert report to camp with a mask on, I knew things were as real as they could be right now.  The last few weeks have been pretty surreal, FAITHFUL READER.  If you ever wondered why I always included that, it’s an homage to Stephen King’s “Constant Reader.”  If you never wondered, it’s probably because my references weren’t that interesting to you.  It’s ok.  Since 1995, I have been writing my little Chargers newsletter the way I liked.  It allowed me to get all the shit that this team made me think and feel off my chest.  Along the way, it also made it possible to meet other like-minded Boltheads from as far away as Ireland and Mexico. 

Simultaneously, I have been trying to get my first book, Drunk On Sunday, into the world.  This year, that finally happened.  No, I didn’t include this photo in it.  It’s from the 1998 Bills-Jets game.  Yeah, the Chargers weren’t even playing and this is how I showed up to Rich Stadium.  You can see from the timestamp that it was December 19.  It was a miracle that it wasn’t snowing.  I’m not sure why I thought that scarf was going to help combat the Old Grandad in my hand. 

I guess it was serendipitous that it was Buffalo where this book finally found a home.  I knew that Bills fans would understand our pain, sort of.  Anyway, now that No Frills Buffalo has taken a chance on a project I feel has been talked about more than GnR’s Chinese Democracy and Neil Young’s Homegrown combined, I can devote this space to just the Chargers once again.  Who am I kidding?  I couldn’t not let all that other stuff seep in if I tried.

However you can keep up on the book, and future stuff…

I have to give credit to Victor Sanchez for sending me this pic and some great stories via the DOS site.  I was starting to wonder if people were still reading this blog.  But seeing this, and hearing his kind words of praise about the book made it impossible not to post something today.  I promise to post on Friday now that the rookies are finally showing up and the Hard Knocks trailer has been released.  I have no idea if there really will be football this year, but I still know the Chargers can’t afford to let Joey Bosa walk.  But we’ll dive into that yet again next time.

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