Jiu Jitsu Star Danielle Kelly Knows How to Overcome Pain and Soreness

Jiu Jitsu Star Danielle Kelly Knows How to Overcome Pain and Soreness

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Jiu Jitsu Star Danielle Kelly Knows How to Overcome Pain and Soreness


There are few athletes who are tougher than Danielle Kelly. The 24-year-old Jiu Jitsu star faces it all the time when training and facing opponents in competition.

Training for a match is very hard work and requires constant use of muscle groups. It also means you need help recovering from strenuous daily workouts so you can be ready to train again the following day. 

Kelly knows that when she needs to recover quickly after a workout, she can turn to CBD products from shopCBD to help her muscles recover faster and reduce the stress on her body that can result from intense physical training. In our review, shopCBD, the honest CBD shop, carries some of the most established brands on the market and has gone to great lengths in identifying the safest and most effective products.

Over the weekend, Kelly was involved in a thrilling overtime event against Grace Gundrum. The match was hard fought and both competitors had chances to emerge with a victory. 

Kelly was aggressive and impressive during this match, getting out of trouble often and then going back on the attack. She also did an excellent job of avoiding potential leg entanglements and a tough heel hook move by her opponent.

In overtime, Kelly came out on the attack but was not quite able to seal the victory and ended up falling just short in an extremely close competition. The match was a memorable one for anybody who saw it. Kelly showed toughness, fortitude and determination in defeat and would almost certainly be calling for a rematch because the battle was so close and competitive.

After an intense battle, Kelly knows she can turn to CBD for pain & inflammation. It can quickly help reduce your pain and soreness and help get you ready to work out or compete more rapidly than before. According to Kelly, the team at shopCBD recommended Medterra’s Rapid Cooling Cream as well as cbdMD’s Premium Gummies for her recovery.

In addition, you may be wondering, Is CBD good for muscle recovery? With proper use CBD helps your body to relax and reduces stress which further aids recovery time and reduces inflammation.

Kelly leads the intense life of a competitive pro athlete, but even recreational athletes need help to recover quickly and maximize their workout potential. If you are looking to stay in shape and take good care of your aching and sore muscles, CBD products can help you decrease your recovery time, maximize the health benefits of your workouts and get in the best shape possible. 

Whether you’re a serious athlete, a weekend warrior or just looking to stay in shape and have fun, CBD products can help you reduce swelling, soreness and inflammation and help you recover quicker to get back to doing what you enjoy.

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