Can you bet on yourself as an eSports player?

Can you bet on yourself as an eSports player?


Can you bet on yourself as an eSports player?


If you’re an eSports player, it can be tempting and may make sense for you to place a bet on yourself or your team.

However, is this possible?

Technically, yes. If you’re an eSports player, playing at the top ranks and for a big team then you are able to bet on your team and occasionally on yourself. When betting on yourself, betting markets may consist of: player of the match, most kills, least deaths, and best kill death ratio. 

However, if you’re not a professional eSports player and enjoy playing games recreationally, then betting on yourself just got a lot more complicated.

This article will discuss how to bet on yourself and whether or not it’s worth doing.

Unikrn mode 

Unikrn mode is a site that allows players to bet on their own performance, across a variety of different games.

Unikrn mode connects to your console and tracks your performance. This takes into account your skill level, previous match performance, and current performance. With this data, the site calculates smart odds for you to bet on. 

For example, wagers may be made available to bet on finishing top of the leaderboard, to achieve the most kills, or to have the most objective captures in a game.

Whilst Unikrn sounds rather simplistic, it is in fact complicated in its execution. As you win games you will be rewarded based on your performance. However, if you consistently win bets the stakes become lower with the rewards becoming less lucrative. 

Is it worth betting on myself?

If you’re a competitive eSports gamer, we definitely recommend placing a bet or two on your team or yourself. This is a great way to increase motivation and to earn some extra cash, especially if you know you’re going to win. 

However, if you’re a recreational gamer, and want to bet on yourself playing games, it may not be worth the hassle. Setting up the Unikrn mode is complicated and if you’re already winning matches, the payout is likely to be marginally small. 

If this is the case, we instead recommend betting on eSports games and tournaments. This is much easier to gauge and rewards a much higher payout. Be sure to do your research beforehand, providing you with the best odds at a lucrative payout.

Nevertheless, whatever you choose to be sure to bet safely, have fun, and hopefully finish top of the leaderboards. 

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