Before there was carnage, the Mets actually had a chance in this game.

Let’s be honest: Sean Newcomb was abysmal. He had a fifty run lead and couldn’t get to the fifth. He threw 42 balls in 82 pitches, and he threw six first pitch strikes in 17 batters. Newcomb should have been shelled. But in the three biggest at bats for the Mets, Yoenis Cespedes struck out after being ahead 3-0, and struck out on a check swing on what was clearly ball four with runners on first ans second and one out. Michael Conforto immediately followed with a check swing roller to third for the force out to end the inning. Then in the second after Brandon Nimmo drove home a run with a double to close the Braves lead to 2-1, Amed Rosario (batting leadoff) tried to pull an outside pitch and grounded out to short to end the inning.

Then, the third inning. Jeff McNeil, playing third base but in the right side with the shift, booted an easy grounder to lead off the inning. (McNeil has been shaky defensively in this short 2020 sample size). Then, former Cy Young award winner Rick Porcello went walk (Freddie Freeman), double (Marcell Ozuna), walk (Mets legend Matt Adams), double (Dansby Swanson) to make it 5-1 and knock himself out of the game. He threw bigger meatballs than Piccolo Angolo serves. (And these particular meatballs were served with a side of circuitous routes by J.D. Davis.)

Corey Oswalt then gave up a two more runs on the ledger of Porcello to make it 7-1, then proceeded to give up five more runs in his remaining three innings to make it 12-1 and set fire to the game once and for all, including a 458 foot home run to Austin Riley which needed to be deiced upon landing. Paul Sewald gave up a 416 foot home run to Ozzie Albies in the 7th to make it 14-1, leaving ESPN to scrounge for Pete Alonso mic’d up moments from the first two innings because the last five were probably unairable expletives.

If the Mets didn’t bail out Newcomb at the start of the game, maybe this is a slightly different story. But then again if Porcello is going to continue to pitch like this, maybe none of it will matter. Makes me pine for the days of Noah Syndergaard. And Zack Wheeler. And Marcus Stroman. And R.A. Dickey. And Bob Ojeda. And Nino Espinosa. And both Takahashis. All I know is that we’re not even one time through the rotation and we’re already starting TBD.

Also, Eduardo Nunez had to be taken out of the 14-1 loss after just one inning when he hurt himself busting down the line trying go sniff out a hit in the 8th. Three games was a nice run, Eduardo. We’ll get the tribute video ready.

(Or do we have Abraham Nunez? I don’t know. I’ve lost interest.)

Today’s Hate List

  1. Dansby Swanson
  2. Austin Riley
  3. Matt Adams
  4. Ozzie Albies
  5. Ender Inciarte

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