Juventus wins ninth straight Serie A title

Juventus wins ninth straight Serie A title


Juventus wins ninth straight Serie A title


Juventus has now won nine consecutive Serie A titles. On Sunday, Juventus defeated Sampdoria 2-0 in Serie A action. With the win, Juventus improved to a record of 26 wins, five losses, and five draws for 83 points, and cannot be caught by any of the other contenders.

Juventus got the game winning goal from Cristiano Ronaldo of Funchal, Portugal in their two-goal win over Sampdoria. He scored in the seventh minute of extra time in the first half to put Juventus up 1-0 at the time. Ronaldo is at 31 goals this season. Despite registering the goal, he is still three goals back of the Serie A goal scoring lead and in second place. Ronaldo trails Ciro Immobile of Lazio, who leads Serie A with 34 goals.

Juventus and Lazio each have two games left on the Serie A schedule for 2019-20. Juventus plays Cagliari on Wednesday, while AS Roma on Sunday. Lazio plays Brescia on Wednesday and Napoli on Sunday. Ronaldo has never led Serie A in goals before. Immobile of Torre Annunziata, Italy led Serie A with 22 goals while playing for Torino in 2013-14, and was tied with Mauro Icardi of Rosario, Argentina, for the Serie A goal scoring lead in 2017-18. Icardi, who played for Internazionale, and Immobile, each had 29 goals that season.

Juventus’s other goal scorer on Sunday was Federico Bernardeschi. The native of Carrara, Italy scored a key insurance marker in the 67th minute. Then 10 minutes later, Morten Thorsby of Sampdoria got into trouble when he had a red flag, and put Sampdoria one man down.

Juventus’s next focus at this time is probably not making sure that Ronaldo has the most Serie A goals this season. Their goal will be to ensure that he is healthy for the Champions League action. At this time, Juventus is in the round of 16, but trailing Lyon 1-0 after the first leg. The second leg is on August 7.

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