What is Fantasy Football and Why has it Become so Popular?

What is Fantasy Football and Why has it Become so Popular?


What is Fantasy Football and Why has it Become so Popular?


Have you ever watched a football game and thought you could do a better job than the coach? This virtual sport allows you to do just that. Build your dream team, with the best players, in a position you feel fit them most. You don’t even need to pick from a single line-up. Fill up your squad from any player in the league, creating your ultimate fantasy team.

You can even put money down on it. Register and play for real money at online casinos in Canada and see just how good your team is.

Our guest writer Kevin Cochran explains just why this virtual sport is such a hit.

What is Fantasy Football?

It’s a virtual based sports game where you put together a team of 15 NFL players. The best part is that you can create your ultimate team using the top players in the league. Each season is 17 weeks long, coinciding with the current NFL season. You, in essence, become the manager, calling the shots.

So why do people play fantasy football? Arguably the most significant factor is the pure competitive aspect. Thanks to the internet, people from all over the world can participate. The FSGA has around 60 million fantasy football users in the USA and Canada alone.

Why Play Fantasy Football?

Why is fantasy football so popular? Well, each user may have a different answer to that question. To make things simple, you can chalk it up to some of the following main benefits.


The ability to participate from anywhere in the world has caused a massive increase in fantasy football growth. With your mobile phone never drifting further than your arms reach, its convenience is unmistakable. Using your knowledge of players and teams, you can take part at home or even at the office.

Bragging Rights 

We all have that one friend that always seems to think they know it all. Fantasy football allows big talkers to prove their skills. Now you’ll have the chance to show everyone just how great your team truly is.


Another great benefit to this virtual sport is the betting opportunities it provides. Some online sportsbooks now feature fantasy sports leagues in which you can win real money. Feel the jubilation of winning as well as a handy side income. For the best results, make sure you’re following the latest news from sources like Gridiron Experts.

If you would like to start betting for real money, make sure you meet the requirements. The legal betting age is 18 years old, depending on the laws of where you live.

How to Play

Primarily a math-based game, it is based on the performance and stats of real-life players. To start, you will need to find a platform that offers fantasy football. An excellent place to begin is by signing up for a league through platforms such as NFL or ESPN. The competitiveness of that platform depends on how many people play fantasy football.

Each week you get the chance to pick your top fifteen players in the league. Decide which players you want to start and what position they should fill. Make sure your squad is finalized at least five minutes before a real game begins.

You’ll rack up points after every game one of your selected players takes part in. The number of points depends on the actual player’s performance in each game. Be careful not to get too confident with your all-star team. Underrated players or players with poor stats could earn you big points if they perform well.

Most importantly have fun, what’s the point otherwise? If you do gamble, never place money on a bet you can’t afford to lose. 


Fantasy football is a great way to enjoy each season of the NFL and stay up to date with the latest news. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start putting together your ultimate team.

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