Ok, so the rookies have reported and have all signed their contracts.  I still wonder like I am sure you all do whether there will be a season.  It doesn’t seem like baseball will be able to finish their truncated campaign.  As a Mets fan, I think I would be ok with that.  It would just spare me another frustration.  With all these Patriots “opting out,” of the 2020 season, I wonder if I can retroactively get out of the 1991, 2000, 2003, 2012, and 2019 seasons.

Anyway, Telesco was speaking to reporters with his “nothing to report” comment about Joey Bosa.  I’ve said it before and will do so again, letting this guy walk would be the stupidest move imaginable.  I don’t think that “Dean is cheap” and the “owners are dumb” are entirely true, but letting Bosa walk would reinforce all those perceptions.  I will be using the #bettersignbosa hashtag until this thing is resolved.

Keenan Allen is also making headlines for objecting to his Madden rating and throwing Evans, Goodwin, and Hill under the bus in the process.  I mean, he’s called out Marcus Peters after he got hurt in the opener in 2016.  He said KC was still a bunch of bums even though they  (it’s still hard to say) won the Super Bowl last year.  Shit talking is par for the course for receivers.  It’s what they do.  If you can back it up, no one cares.  Plaxico Burress seemed like an idiot for predicting the Giants would beat the Pats and then falling in the shower, which I have never heard of a non-grandparent doing.  But he caught the winning TD and then went back to being an idiot.  Of course, he still caught 3 TDs as a Jet and effectively ended our season and Antoine Cason’s career as a Charger.  Keenan made TMZ for his Grillz and grabbed his crotch in Seattle in 2018.  Just stay healthy and help us get a ring.

That’s Gov’t Mule from Allen Woody’s final show on 8/19/00. If you listen closely you can hear a “Whip It” tease from Warren Haynes before the final jam.  The first audio post is the Stones and Jimmy Page from the upcoming “Goats Head Soup” reissue.  If you ever need a copy, you know where to ask.

I still have a hard time talking about a season that seems so up in the air.  Hard Knocks is filming now for their August 11 premiere, but I can’t imagine what footage they are getting.  I guess they were at Ekeler’s workout with Herbert.  Does HBO even want film with guys in masks?  It’s not as if anyone beyond Charger fans could recognize these guys anyway.  If it’s hard to imagine a football season right now, it’s really hard to picture a presidential election in 100 days.  Then again, I can’t remember the last time I imagined an actual president.

That’s the other Stones single they have released.  If you have never heard the Brussels 10-17-73 they are including in the set, please hit me up as well.  This is the third time they have put it out, but it is possibly the best live document of the band during their peak, which we can all agree is the Mick Taylor era.  I won’t include download links since it’s not as safe to do so as it once was.  However, if you need the tunes, just ask.

Once again, thanks to Victor Perez for the photo.  I’d also like to give a shout out to Whit Watson, Terry Moody, Mike Armour, and Tom Abdou for reminding me that people still read this thing.  Glad to know the Justice League is still out there after all these years and I’m not referring to the Zack Snyder cut.

I’ll leave you with a JIC classic.  This was in the hotel the night before the AFC title game.  To think that all I wanted was for a win that day and what the cost has been of that victory.  But until we lock down the Lombardi, it will be the greatest Sunday in Charger history.  I am lucky to have seen it first hand, but I’d trade it back for one Super Bowl win.

Anyway, talk soon.




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