Further Delays For The NFL?

Further Delays For The NFL?


Further Delays For The NFL?


Major sporting events have been on the long path to recovery ever since the postponements and cancellations put into place late in March – in Europe this has happened extremely quickly as European football and racing are very much back in full swing with the exception of no fans in attendance. The US is looking to follow as we’ve seen combat sports in the UFC get back underway to great success, with the NBA, MLB, and NHL all set to get started again toward the back end of July and start of August it seems there will be a packed schedule ahead.

It isn’t great news for all events however, the NFL was set to get its season underway in September with all things looking promising as teams were set to return to training with preparations to be made for this, but it seems there may be further delays as some bad news had recently come to light. It had recently been announced on the NFL Players Association website that 72 players had tested positive for the coronavirus as of July 10th, and whilst no players were named and it seems inconsequential as nearly 3,000 players have been screened, it isn’t a great sign for things to come as the US continues to struggle in the battle against the virus.

The opening games were scheduled to take place on September 10th and if this can’t be brought under control by then, especially if between now and then more players are to test positive, it could spell further delays in the start of the league. There may be other concerns in this regard to as many hope to have fans in attendance at sporting events sooner rather than later, but if there isn’t any controlled measure to the players and preventing any of them from testing positive, then the same may ring true for fans too as further efforts will be placed on ensuring safety in that regard.

The return of sports as a whole is great news for punters however, as it will bring about the return of sports betting as a whole which had been lulled a little in recent months – many have been turning to alternatives through online casinos despite recent changes in regulation such as the gamstop initiative which had been aimed at reducing participation options for problem gamblers, alongside another change as a ban on credit card betting had been issued – fortunately for punters many operators are choosing alternatives and registered elsewhere as a growing number of sites not on gamstop have become available post pandemic to provide a service for players. There’s a little time left to wait before things get back to ‘normal’ but it does seem in many regards that is starting to become true, a wide scale return of sporting events will bring some entertainment back to those who have been out of work or stuck at home for the past few months and need a nice distraction once again.

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