How to choose the perfect racquet for yourself

How to choose the perfect racquet for yourself


How to choose the perfect racquet for yourself


A question that has troubled a lot of players is “which badminton bat is best for me?” and till this date a lot of young players still struggle finding the answer to this question. Well, the answer is not that difficult to understand. It is not like you can buy any racquet you see for playing badminton. For a beginner all the racquets may seem same but they are not and there are minute details that you need to keep in mind before buying a racquet. For starters there are racquets with different string tension which can drastically change your performance and affect your game style. Know more about different types of badminton racquets at badmintonracketz

Things to keep in mind 


  • Budget  


You need to keep in mind that it is your techniques and planning that will make you a winner but not 10000 INR badminton racquet. If you are a beginner buy a racquet with a budget in mind. Get a hang of the game then move forward 


  • Badminton racquet 


If you have some idea about the game and have some experience in the court then it can be difficult to choose the right racquet for you. There are hundreds of brands with thousand types of racquets in the market. And this can put you in great dilemma. If you still haven’t found the right racquet for you then check this article out know which one to buy: 10 Best Badminton Rackets in India updated list for 2020. 


  • Material of your racquet


There is different kind of materials used to make badminton. But you have to keep in mind which racquet made of what material will help you benefit your game and techniques. You might want badminton with heavy head if you like delivering powerful smashes to your opponent but a racquet made of light material will help you have good swing shots. 


  • Shape of the racquet 


The shape of the racquet can drastically affect the quality of your game as different shape of badminton is used to achieve different styles. Generally, there are two types of shapes available, first being the oval shape, and second is the isometric shape. There is the sweet spot in the centre of the racquet in an oval shaped badminton racquet, whereas in an isometric shape racket the sweet spot spreads out in a larger area of the racket.

What is game style?

While playing badminton there are three styles a player can adopt, the fast and aggressive defensive and the deceptive style. Your badminton racquet can affect your game style. It is important to know and understand your game style before buying a racquet. Here are three different styles of game play that you can adopt 

Fast and aggressive: the shots played in this style are smashes, net shots and fast drop shots.Net shots, more low services, attacking lobs and fast pace footwork on the court.

Deceptive: more high services to the baseline compared to low services, the lobs are more angled, the drop shots are deceptively played and they drop nearer the net.

Defensive style the shots are plain and simple as compared to being deceptive. The services are high and deep on, the net shots are simple and very few cross-court net shots. 

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