The Betting Window for July 31-August 2

The Betting Window for July 31-August 2


The Betting Window for July 31-August 2



Here at Undercard Superstar, we’re in the business of your business! Just follow our sound betting advice, and you too, can ruin your own career by just being a plum dick to everyone!

As usual, we’ll take a hundred dollars and divide it among five fights.

Let’s make some cashola.


  • Sam Eggington +400 over Ted Cheeseman ($5)
  • Vicente Luque -200 over Randy Brown ($20)
  • Derek Brunson +260 over Edmen Shagbazyan ($10)
  • Lyndon Arthur -800 over Dec Spelman ($50)
  • Ray Borg -260 over Nathan Maness ($15)


Eggington and Cheeseman are far too evenly-matched to me to lay off an underdog line like that.

Arthur is a bit of a late-bloomer, and oddly, is a much better professional boxer than an amateur one, but light heavyweight desperately needs some new blood, and Arthur is going to emerge.


Last Week: $ +63.25
Year To Date: $ -175.04


-All lines courtesy of Bovada at time of wager.

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