WWE Monday Night Raw Results And Review (8/3): A Major Star Returns To Debut A New Concept, Female Competitor Suspended Indefinitely, And More

WWE Monday Night Raw Results And Review (8/3): A Major Star Returns To Debut A New Concept, Female Competitor Suspended Indefinitely, And More

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WWE Monday Night Raw Results And Review (8/3): A Major Star Returns To Debut A New Concept, Female Competitor Suspended Indefinitely, And More


This edition of Monday Night Raw took place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando Florida with PC trainees in attendance. Segments and matches advertised included the response of Drew McIntyre after Randy attacked him at the end of last weeks show, Asuka’s responds to what Bayley did to her fallen friend Kairi Sane, and Apollo Crews kicked off the show by defending the United States Championship against MVP.

Before MVP and Apollo’s match, MVP claims himself to be the real U.S. Champion. He said when the referee counts to 3, their business is done and he will continue to be a dominant champion. During the match, the lights were flickering around the Center.

Apollo Crews Defeated MVP To Retain The United States Championship

Review: Good match. I didn’t see MVP winning this at the same time though, Apollo’s stock has kind of dropped a little since he mysteriously hasn’t been on TV in a while. It’s still not clear why that was but I don’t see him holding the title for much longer anyway.

Charly Caruso interviewed Apollo Crews about his win and Apollo said he gets to look at his kids in the face again and say that he is the real U.S. Champion. he said he is going to hang the old title up in his kids bedroom and carry around the new title.

MVP got on the mic, making excuses that the lights flickering threw him off. MVP claimed Apollo stole his title. He said he doesn’t care about Apollo’s family and wants a rematch for the title at SummerSlam.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed, gloating about holding all the belts. They are asked if they will defend the titles at SummerSlam. They ignore the question to talk about their accomplishments and showed a highlight package from last week of Sasha winning the Women’s title. Asuka interrupted it saying that revenge will be very sweet. Sasha and Bayley get angry at Asuka’s interruption but then Shayna Baszler interrupted them. Shayna said she has waited in line long enough. Shayna lands a right hand to Sasha. Shayna left as Bayley tried to help her up.

The Iconics go up to Kevin Owens backstage to tell him that they want to be a guest on the KO Show. Kevin said he already has guests for the night.

Kevin Owens came out for the KO Show. Kevin points out that Shane McMahon is returning tonight but he said he’s not here to get into that and brings out his guest: Ruby Riot. Ruby came out to the ring. Kevin mentioned Ruby getting emotional after win against Peyton Royce last week. Ruby said she hasn’t had a win since February but she finally got to shut them up. She said it would be better if Liv Morgan was there with her. Kevin brought out Liv Morgan to the ring as a surprise. Liv said Kevin convinced her to listen to Ruby so she’s here to listen. Kevin said they should be together as a team once again because they have something special. Ruby said everything was different when she came back and she thought that Liv didn’t need her anymore. Ruby took out on her and she’s sorry that she did it. Ruby pleaded for her to have a chance to make the Riot Squad stronger than its been. The Iconics interrupted to say that no one cares. The Iconics claimed they conquered the women’s division and that they are better than them. Liv said they are not iconic but no one starts a riot better than them. Kevin proses that the Iconics leave so they can carry on about their business, Ruby challenged them to a tag match. The Iconics mock them. Kevin asked for more technical difficulties to happen to their microphones. Peyton slaps him. Kevin asked if that was necessary and Billie slapped him. Liv and Ruby went after them.

Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot Defeated The Iconics

After the match, The Iconics attacked Liv. Ruby came to her aid and the two of them double team Peyton Royce.

Review: Wasn’t too bad of a match. I’m glad Ruby and Liv are getting mic time and wrestling time on the shows more than they have had in the past.

Charly Caruso talked about a crate that fell over and that it was no accident. MVP interrupted her, complaining that he lost his title because of these power outages and that’s the biggest story. Charly announced that Apollo has accepted his challenge. MVP claimed that he accepted the challenge because he didn’t want to disappoint his kids. Shelton Benjamin interrupted him, saying that someone stole his 24/7 title.

Drew McIntyre came out to the ring. He talked about Randy Orton and what kind of man he is. Drew said it was on him that he got tricked by Randy last week. He pointed out that they are similar in that Vince McMahon has looked at them as the chosen ones. Drew talked about how everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Drew said he deserved to be fired but Randy should’ve been fired way more times than him for the things he’s done. Randy Orton and Ric Flair came out to the ring, saying that he is here because he enjoys giving RKO’s and punting people. Randy claimed he will punt kick Drew at SummerSlam to win the title. Randy said he should’ve been fired but wasn’t because he’s more valuable to the company than him. Randy dared Drew to come up with one original opinion of Randy. Drew said Randy represents everything that’s wrong with WWE. Drew said Randy has never pulled anybody up to his level. He said Randy didn’t do a thing to him when Drew was going through personal and professional troubles because he was selfish. Drew promised that Randy will see the Claymore Kick coming at SummerSlam.

Ric Flair interrupts Kevin Owens who was talking to Ruby and Liv. Ric claimed Kevin has become too much of a guidance counselor. Kevin said he feels he should help his friends in the locker room who are going through problems. Ric said instead of giving him advice, Kevin should mind his own business and worry about Kevin. Kevin threw out a challenge to compete against Randy next week.

Nia Jax and Pat Buck appeared in the ring. Nia said she was going to own up to what she has done to Pat last week. She said Pat is looking for an apology but she wants to challenge him to a match. Pat wants the apology but she claimed she’ll get it after the match. Pat recommended that they leave if she won’t apologize. Nia claimed that he is scared to face her and dares him to say what he has to say in the ring. Pat indefinitely suspends her without pay. Nia head butts him, knocking him out. She started kicking him out of the ring, saying that he has no authority to do that. She left the ring, in a fit of rage.

R Truth was being chased by ninjas and Shelton Benjamin around the ring as Truth has possession of the 24/7 title.

Akira Tozawa Defeated R Truth and Shelton Benjamin To Win The 24/7 Championship

Review: This was pretty entertaining but I don’t see how putting on Tozawa helped Shelton Benjamin at all with the momentum The Hurt Business has been having lately.

Shane McMahon appeared as two people are fighting on a mat. Shane said that at 10pm it will Raw Underground, a brand new concept.

Dominic Mysterio is interviewed, asking why he continues to confront Seth Rollins. He said he saw his dad get blinded. he said if he people thinks he’s crazy now, wait till he people see how crazy he is when he challenges Seth Rollins to a match at SummerSlam.

Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler Ended In A No Contest

Review: The match was going pretty good until the finish. I don’t understand how the match gets thrown out when Asuka went after Bayley who was not even in the match, she was just at ringside.

Charly Caruso interviewed Asuka in the ring about Kairi Sane. Asuka said Kairi will be okay but she wants a rematch against Sasha Banks for the title at SummerSlam. Shayna Baszler interrupted, saying she wants Asuka to win back the title. She’ll be excited to dismember Asuka and take the title off of her. Sasha and Bayley came back out, saying that this is her championship. Sasha said she’ll give Asuka her title shot if she can beat Bayley next week. Bayley looked confused and not too thrilled.

Angel Garza gave Demi Burnett from The Bachelor his number and a rose. Andrade and Zelina interrupted for them to talk with Garza in private.

Shane McMahon appeared in the underground area for Raw Underground. He brings out Dabba Kato who beats down a unknown fighter. Kato beats down another fighter who stepped up and Shane raised his hand in victory.

The Street profits came down to the ring for their matches. They talked about Garza and Andrade attacking them last week. Angelo Dawkins talked about wanting to get with Demi instead of Garza but they get back on track by saying that they are done playing nice.

Angel Garza Defeated Angelo Dawkins

Montez Ford was looking all dazed as Angelo went to check on him outside the ring.

Review: It was okay, not much to add just that it’s pretty much the same formula WWE has done in past years with tag team rivalries, each facing off against each other in singles action on the same night.

Montez Ford vs. Andrade Ends In A No Contest After Montez Collapses

Review: It was good. I liked how the finish was a cliffhanger and not just a standard finish with Andrade going over with Garza in their matches. I have no clue what they were trying to do with Montez Ford during this whole thing. It seemed random but I’m going to hold judgment on that till they follow up on it next week.

Seth and Murphy were backstage. Murphy looked guilty about what he did to Aleister Black last week. Seth said he is proud of him for doing the right thing. Murphy asked what he is going to do about Dominic’s challenge for SummerSlam. Seth just walked off smiling.

Shane McMahon brought Raw Underground back with Erik from The Viking Raiders beating down competitors.

Charly Caruso said there was no info at that time about Montez Ford’s condition. Zelina, Andrade and Garza interrupted, saying that they are concerned for Ford’s condition. They said they will take the titles at SummerSlam. Angelo Dawkins came out, saying that he was poisoned. Bianca Belair accused them of poisoning Montez. Zelina said she had nothing to do with it. Bianca went after Zelina but officials separate them.

The announce team showed footage of a group in black sweatshirts throw a inflamed Molotov cocktail at one of the power generators outside the Performance Center.

Charly interviewed The Hurt Business about their misfortunes on this show. MVP said someone is sabotaging them. Shelton thought it’s not a coincidence that this stuff was happening as Shane introduced Raw Underground. MVP said he knows what’s going on and they leave.

Seth Rollins and Murphy came out to the ring. Seth called out Tom Phillips and asked him  if he considers himself a professional. He asked what Tom did when Dominic attacked him with a kendo stick last week. Seth said Tom was cheering for him and enabling his actions. Seth claimed that what Tom says is important. He said Tom has become a liability. He commanded Murphy to take him until Samoa Joe stopped him. Joe said he was laughing harder than anyone at the table last week. Seth said he doesn’t want to do this and Joe said that he does. Seth dared Joe to get in the ring. Dominic came from behind with a kendo stick, attacking them as Seth and Murphy threatened Joe with a chair. Dominic gave Seth the 619 and dived onto them outside. Seth accepted Dominic’s challenge for SummerSlam.

Shane McMahon brought Raw Underground back with a fight involving Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got the tap out win. The Hurt Business appeared saying they are now controlling Raw Underground. Bobby Lashley stepped up to fight and Bobby took out a fighter. They take out another fighter as they brought him in the fighting ring. Shelton Benjamin took out another fighter. They take out everyone else around the area. Shane closed the show with The Hurt Business standing tall.

Overall Review: This has probably been one of the most interesting Raw’s in recent memory. I can honestly say that it was really good show. However, there were probably too many segments to fill in three hours and not that much wrestling. I love the emphasis of storytelling throughout the show and building towards SummerSlam. A lot fo the segments were great and entertaining but I just thought segments like The Street Profits talking before their match wasn’t needed and they went a little over board with the amount of talking. I loved the promos featuring Ruby’s promo and the segment with Drew and Randy. The Raw Underground is somewhat cool but I’m not too sold on it just yet. I don’t see the point of this concept except to probably hype up a new faction or something like that but we’ll see how far this goes.

Grade: 7/10


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