5 Adrenaline Sport Activities in 2020

5 Adrenaline Sport Activities in 2020


5 Adrenaline Sport Activities in 2020


The beginning of 2020 was very tough for adrenaline hunters. It is difficult to stay at home 24/7, but if you’re a thrill-seeker, it is even harder. Luckily, people could spice up their lockdown life and add a bit of risk to it by placing their bets in an online casino.

A couple of months after a brisk spike in Covid-19 infections, everything started to come back to normal. Now, there are many more adrenaline activities available. But which ones are the safest and the best during the pandemic? Read this article to find out!

Good Old Bungee Jumping

Bad news for extroverts: this year, you have to choose the adrenaline-rush activities that do not involve many people. Bungee jumping is a perfect option. Most companies offer solo jumps and tandem ones. It is a thrilling adventure that you can share with your best friend or a significant other. The contact with people you don’t know is minimized.

With a bungee rope attached to your ankle or body, you can jump from bridges, cranes, tall buildings, towers. Many people say that bungee jumping is an eye-opening experience. It makes them braver, helps overcome their fears, improves emotional intelligence, combats stress and anxiety, and becomes one of the best memories in life.

But remember to check reviews of the company that organizes your jump. Choose only reliable bungee jumping companies, and make your adventure unforgettable but safe.

Wingsuit Flying

This activity is not for beginning adrenaline seekers. It is very dangerous and requires a lot of training. The only photos or videos on YouTube of people flying with wingsuits give the heebie-jeebies. But if you are a real adrenaline hunter and nothing holds you back, it’s worth giving a shot!

This sport is characterized by flying through the air using a special suit, which adds surface area to your body and enables a significant increase in lift. Have you ever seen flying squirrels? The suit looks and works in a very similar way as the wing membrane of these animals.

It sounds very simple, but it is challenging to do. First, you need to learn skydiving. If you want to wingsuit legally, you need to have a certificate that says that you have completed at least 200 jumps. 

When skydiving, people learn the essential skills required to start flying with a wingsuit. But even the most experienced wingsuiter can make a tiny mistake that can cost them life. Therefore, you should think twice before taking such a risk.

Cage Diving With Sharks

Jumping, flying, gliding may seem too ubiquitous nowadays. Many people do it. But what really scares most of us is an undiscovered, dangerous world beneath the ocean. Being locked in a cage and surrounded by hungry razor-tooth sharks is a nightmare of many. But a real adrenaline seeker overcomes all the nightmares and fears.

Many people confess that this adventure gave them very mixed feelings. On the one hand, they felt small and helpless in the world where a human being has no rights. On the other, it helped to overthink the value of life, combat all fears, and become a braver person.

Cliff Camping

In the world after the pandemic, a lot of people are still afraid of staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. It’s high time for camping! Leave bonfire and marshmallows for the Midnight Society. A real adrenaline seeker has to try cliff camping!

Spending a night camping out on a sheer rock face hundreds of feet off the ground is very dangerous! But also very exciting and even romantic. Maybe, it is the right place for your proposal to the significant other who also loves risky activities?

But make sure you’re not a sleepwalker. No discrimination, but it might not be the best idea to sleep on a tall cliff for those who have somnambulism.

Ice Swimming

Many people feel ok jumping from towers, skydiving, sleeping on a rock, or being almost eaten by sharks, but they scream when their partners touch them with cold feet in the night. Now it is high time to combat the last fear you have- the fear of cold!

Eastern European countries know how to do it. When lakes and rivers get covered with ice in winter, Russians don’t sit at home waiting for warmer days. On January 19, to celebrate Epiphany, they cut holes in the ice and swim there

It takes a lot of courage to overcome cold and immerse yourself in freezing water. But it is definitely worth trying!

The Bottom Line

Risky activities are not for everyone. Some of us prefer to live calmly, others look for opportunities to put themselves in dangerous situations. This list covers the best and the riskiest activities that do not involve big gatherings of people and can be done in 2020. And it is up to you whether to include them into your bucket list or not. Also, remember the rules of safety, and don’t let your risk-hunger put your life in danger.

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