Ep. 6 of 'The Common Sens Podcast' ft. @CoreyPronman

Ep. 6 of 'The Common Sens Podcast' ft. @CoreyPronman


Ep. 6 of 'The Common Sens Podcast' ft. @CoreyPronman


For Ottawa Senators fans, there is no bigger marquee event to look forward to over the next few months than October’s NHL Draft.

There is just so much to dissect and break down, so fear not, Hailey Salvian and I will be doing our best to have your interests covered.

Joining us on the latest episode of ‘The Common Sens Podcast’ is our colleague from The Athletic, Corey Pronman (@coreypronman).

If you have not read Corey’s work in preparation of the 2020 NHL Draft, get on it now. Between the prospect work that he and Scott Wheeler have done and will continue to do, the monthly subscription cost is worth the price alone.

After dropping his draft board of the top-122 draft eligible prospects, Corey recently posted a first-round mock draft at the conclusion of phase-two of the NHL’s draft lottery.

We talk to Corey about his mock selections for the Ottawa Senators and delve into some of the prospects currently within the Senators’ system.

Hailey and I also spend some time talking about the Senators’ new charitable arm, the deteriorating value of the New York Islanders’ 2020 first-round pick and rumours that the Senators could be positioned to offer the New York Rangers the third and fifth overall selections for the opportunity to draft Alexis Lafrenière.

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