The Weekend Bulletin

The Weekend Bulletin


The Weekend Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the weekend that was.


Biggest Upset: Jessica McCaskill +425 over Cecilia Braekhus


Notable New Champions:

  • Fight To Win Black Belt No-Gi Bantamweight Champion: Junny E. Ocasio
  • Fight To Win Black Belt Featherweight Champion: Luiza Monteiro
  • IBF Intercontinental Junior Lightweight Champion: Zelfa Barrett
  • WBA Intercontinental Junior Middleweight Champion: Kieron Conway
  • Interim WBA World Lightweight Champion: Rolando Romero
  • WBA International Welterweight Champion: Alberto Ignacio Palmetta
  • WBA/WBC/IBF/IBO/WBO World Female Welterweight Champion: Jessica McCaskill


A Few Storylines Going Forward:

  1. Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Bad reffing? Bad judging? That’s how you know a full fight night was in session! Reffing in all sports has either never been worse or never been magnified as much as it is now, and combat sports are no exception.
  2. The Sugar Train Takes a Detour: Sean O’Malley was doing Sean O’Malley things until his ankle gave way, leaving him easy prey for Marlon Vera. He put up as much of a fight as he could, but Vera eventually finished him on the ground, and then talked like he was Rocky Balboa after toppling Creed, saying it was his kicking defense that caused O’Malley’s ankle to give and that Sean just didn’t have the heart that he has. Brother, you beat a one-legged man, congrats. BUT WAIT! Did Chito actually turn O’Malley’s leg off with a strike? He just might have! Maybe, in a stunning turn of events, Vera earned this W!
  3. David Benavidez’s Worst Enemy…Scales: David Benavidez lost his world title the first time because of cocaine, and he lost it the second time for being overweight. I don’t know how I’m going to incorporate a scale joke if he loses his title a third time out of the ring. Maybe he gets jailed for illegal fishing next time?
  4. Riding off on a Popeye’s Biscuit Cloud: Despite a Stipe Miocic eyepoke that may have literally touched Daniel Cormier‘s thoughts, DC fought valiantly to the end, falling short on the cards. Miocic defended his UFC Heavyweight Championship, and Cormier can go out with his head held high. Maybe not too high, though, I wouldn’t subject that eye to sunlight for a while.

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