Salad eating contest – Unique concept launched by a personal trainer on the Black Sea coast

Salad eating contest – Unique concept launched by a personal trainer on the Black Sea coast

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Salad eating contest – Unique concept launched by a personal trainer on the Black Sea coast


Cristi Cristea, a personal trainer from a city located on the shores of the Black Sea, together with Agriro Fresh, a top producer of fresh aromatic plants, launched the first salad eating contest in Romania. The competition that took place last summer was addressed to the ladies and gentlemen from Constanta County.

The winners received prizes aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. The first place was rewarded with a 3-month personal trainer gym subscription, the second place consisted of a relaxing weekend trip in the mountains, and the 3rd place received a pair of workout shoes.

Cristi Cristea, a personal trainer, specialized in weight loss, launched the salad eating contest nutritionist and hormonal balancing advisor at Top Trainer Studio – the only private training room in Constanta. More than 500 people have shown their interest in joining the event on Facebook.

The dietetic technician explained the purpose of holding such a contest:

“We launched this unique contest to get out of the pattern of eating contests with high-calorie foods, and to remind people of natural food. My goal is to educate and help as many people as possible to change their lifestyle for the better, to exercise and eat healthier.

Salad shouldn’t be missing from anybody’s daily menu. I do not necessarily mean a classic green salad, but a salad mix of various vegetables, preferably seasonal, for an extra vitamin, minerals and antioxidants – that are vital in the environment in which we live and work every day,” Cristi Cristea said.

The Romanian weight loss expert also revealed some of his secrets:

“A chaotic or sedentary lifestyle, yo-yo effect in diets, etc., lead women to various hormonal imbalances over time. My concept of group training was launched in 2016, after 4 years in which I only practised private training. Then, I tried to combine the techniques used in personal training with proven weight loss exercises. In the beginning, my program only included exercise, but now it has evolved, and the group training contains both exercise and food education, nutritional counselling and hormonal balance counselling. During the last 3 years, several thousand kilograms have been lost in my group training.

As I was going deeper into the science of women weight loss training, I quickly realized that any hormonal dysfunction could seriously damage any weight-loss attempt. Thus, before a person starts my program, we’re discussing the type of diet they should have, I’ll recommend a supplement protocol and share a few stress reduction tips in order to achieve the goal as quickly as possible,” Cristi Cristea points out.

He owns a fitness studio in Constanta addressed to both group and private training. 95% of his clients are women. Cristi Cristea recently launched 4 unique food plans that can be acquired via his webshop: No Cooking 15 Days Challenge, a detox plan, a diet for those in their 30s, and a hypothyroidism dedicated program.

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