More to the Earl Thomas story than the Ravens are telling us...

More to the Earl Thomas story than the Ravens are telling us...


More to the Earl Thomas story than the Ravens are telling us...


What the heck? Camp fights between players on the same team are commonplace. What made Earl Thomas’ beef with Chuck Clark grounds for dismissal by the team?

It had to have been the tip of the iceberg. This accomplished all-pro free safety must have burned his last bridge of credibility? Even the team’s  players council called for his release.

What the blessed hell have we fans been missing? Is not Earl Thomas capable of “playing like a Raven”?

In the end, I guess not. Something was wrong in the Earl Thomas team-first concept long before this.

The most accurate and humble summation of all the conspiracy theories I could find currently was this excerpt from Russell Street Report by Tony Lombardi:

“The Earl Thomas situation is one to watch. The fight during practice yesterday with Chuck Clark (Friday, August 21) wasn’t your usual camp altercation. It involved two starting defenders – two safeties who play side-by-side.

“Word is that after being torched a few times, the Ravens defense, particularly captain Clark, was quite perturbed and he let Thomas know that his inability to handle his assignments triggered the breakdown in the secondary. Allegedly, Thomas didn’t take kindly to the criticism and sucker-punched Clark. The ensuing melee lasted several minutes along the defensive sideline, even spilling over onto the practice field during live reps.

“From the vantage point of the media in attendance, Tavon Young, Jimmy Smith and Anthony Levine, Sr. all attempted to be peacemakers. Interestingly enough, when order was finally restored Thomas and Young were the only two of the group still on the field. The others were sent to the locker room.

“Thomas stood alone on the sideline. The isolation was telling.

“Earl is a ticking time bomb. There was evidence of it in Seattle. Last season in Week 4, he openly criticized Brandon Williams, a popular leader on the defense, due to a knee injury that kept him out of the game in Baltimore against the Browns. During pressers Thomas’ loose tongue spews out bulletin board material for opponents. This offseason he was involved in a life threatening altercation with his wife.

“And now this…

“Sources have claimed that Thomas isn’t very well-liked in the locker room. He isn’t punctual for group meetings and is aloof. Teammates have casually dismissed the antics as Earl being Earl and given Thomas’ resume, the aloofness is accepted. But the patience of teammates may have run out after the altercation with yet another popular teammate – Clark.

“Thomas isn’t the Earl Thomas of old. Regardless of his Pro Bowl status last season or his inflated production numbers courtesy of Pro Football Focus, the eyeball test tells a different story. Earl looked slow, stiff and wasn’t the playmaker that his contract suggests. And unfortunately, the lasting impression of his 2019 season in Baltimore is that of Derrick Henry essentially dribbling him down the right sideline during the Divisional Playoff Game against the Titans.

“So, it begs the question, given the solidarity the Ravens enjoy, Thomas notwithstanding, is the juice worth the squeeze? Is Thomas the right player for the Ravens?

“Unfortunately, Thomas carries a cap figure of $15M in 2020. The figure remains the same with or without Thomas on the roster because his $10M salary this season is guaranteed. If the Ravens do release Thomas, they will carry $10M in dead money into 2021 but they would save $6M in cap dollars – cap dollars that next season are even more valuable given that the overall cap is expected to drop due to the financial fallout of COVID-19.

“It’s a tough call for the Ravens. According to RSR Capologist Brian McFarland, if the Ravens could find a trading partner (Dallas?), they could then move $10M in salary to the acquiring team and create $10M in cap space in 2020. But without leverage, could Eric DeCosta get another team to absorb the full number?

“Word is that Earl isn’t on the practice field today. Maybe it’s part of a cooling off period for the players and coaches. Maybe it’s the beginning of the end. No matter how you look at it, this isn’t what a Super Bowl ready team needs given a limited offseason without preseason games.

“The guess here is that the organization with its very capable leadership will defuse the explosive situation. The wildcard though, is Thomas. He’s an unusual guy and he’ll get paid no matter what. And therein lies the danger with narcissistic personalities. He might not give a rat’s ___ because he still gets his.”

Well, we now know how it played out. Earl Thomas has indeed been released, and the Ravens are ready to defend against his grievance claim. This suggests deeper complaints against the player than simply a camp fight.

“You can be sure that there is more to this story. Like the Antonio Brown deal in Pittsburgh, my guess is that the Ravens have been sitting on this issue for awhile and not letting much of the issue get out to the press.” —post from a fan named Ed from East Berlin.


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