The HOVG Podcast: Rachael Penman

The HOVG Podcast: Rachael Penman

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The HOVG Podcast: Rachael Penman


This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by Rachael Penman.

The director of artifacts and exhibits from the Alcatraz East Crime Museum talks to the boys about what people can expect when they visit the 25,000 square foot museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, shares some of the most popular exhibits (i.e. Ted Bundy’s VW, O.J. Simpson’s White Bronco and the 9/11 gallery) and tells the story  of a painting by John Wayne Gacy that features the signatures of close to fifty baseball Hall of Famers and former president Richard Nixon as well as a baseball signed by Charles Manson and Juan Corona.

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