Five Things You Should Know Before Getting Started With Judo 

Five Things You Should Know Before Getting Started With Judo 


Five Things You Should Know Before Getting Started With Judo 


If you are a martial arts fan and are looking to get started with a certain discipline, then you probably have a lot of different choices. From karate to boxing and judo, there are countless martial arts that you could try out to improve your self-defence skills. However, most beginners need something that will not harm them while they learn to improve. In this case, judo is often the best choice. 

If you have found a good instruction centre and are looking to learn judo, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind: 

  • Judo is a tough physical sport

You won’t get the power to throw an opponent away from you without proper conditioning. Judo training involves a lot of intense workouts designed to keep you in top shape and at a competitive level. As with all martial arts, it requires that you remain in good shape to be able to fight well. Before you learn the judo basics, you will first have to work a bit on your fitness training to meet the physical demands of the sport. 

  • It is a  great way to learn discipline 

Judo training can teach you a lot about life and will certainly make you more disciplined. You will have to train a few times a week on a consistent basis and follow the instructor’s orders at all times. This is a great way to learn discipline and it could help you improve other aspects of your life. It also teaches you to get back up whenever you fall down, literally! 

  • Judo is a great confidence booster

Regardless of your reasons for learning Judo, you will almost certainly benefit from an increase in your confidence levels. This comes with practice and learning new skills and it is a gradual process. Sometimes you will face stronger and more skilled opponents and you will have to learn to conquer your fear. It’s natural and part of the process, but in the end, you will be more confident in your own capabilities. 

  • Judo is a good social sport 

Apart from the obvious technical skills, you can also learn a lot of social skills in Judo that will help you in your life. In the training arena, you will work with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. It will help you learn a lot on how to deal with different personalities as well. Sometimes you will have to display courage and at other times you may have to control your anger and learn self-control. 

  • It’s a complete sport 

Apart from being an effective self-defence martial art, judo is also a recognized Olympic sport. There are specific rules and techniques, which are put in place to make sure that no one gets hurt. If you are looking to start judo when you are young, then you should keep your ambitions high and continue to grow. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Olympic Judo champion? 

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