Which Way Should I Take CBD Oil?

Which Way Should I Take CBD Oil?

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Which Way Should I Take CBD Oil?


There are many ways to take CBD oil and each of them have their own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the best way for you is based on several factors including what condition you are trying to treat, how quickly you need the product to start working, how long you want the product to work, your age, your overall health and what you want the product to do for you.

Regardless of what you’re tying to treat with CBD oil, make sure you purchase a high-quality product for yourself. Learn more by clicking on this link.

One way to take CBD oil is via tinctures. The tinctures mix CBD oils with a carrier oil like MCT oil. They can come in a variety of strengths and formulas so make sure you figure out which one works best for you. 

Tinctures are taken under the tongue. You can stick with the natural taste of CBD oil, or, if that isn’t your favorite taste, CBD oils come in a variety of flavors including lemon, orange, berry and many others. 

CBD oil tinctures start to work in just a few minutes time. Usually you can start to feel the effect in about 15 minutes. That is because the CBD oil enters the bloodstream directly through tiny blood vessels called capillaries that are located under the tongue. That gets the product working quickly.

Another popular method of taking CBD oil is via edibles. The most common edibles are gummies and capsules and each have their own advantages.

Gummies can be very tasty. They are usually either sweet or sour but they are designed to remind users of the candies they ate as kids. They also come in a variety of shapes like gummy bears or gummy worms. You can choose the shape, flavor and potency that you wish. 

Capsules have no flavor at all and many people prefer that way of taking CBD oil products. You simply swallow the capsule whole and wait for it to start to work. Like gummies, capsules come in a variety of potencies and strengths, but it is easy to figure out how much CBD oil you’re getting because everything is premeasured.

The big advantage that CBD oil gummies or capsules offer is that they are the longest lasting way to take CBD oil. Users can feel these products working for as long as six hours. They do take a little longer to start working, however, because the product must be digested via the stomach and the intestines before it can start to enter the bloodstream. 

Regardless of which way you choose to take your CBD oil, make sure you’re using a high-quality product that will provide you with the most benefits and best suit your needs. Why wait when CBD oil products have been shown to provide users with so many potential health benefits. 

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