Why Are So Few CBD Oil Products Certified Organic?

Why Are So Few CBD Oil Products Certified Organic?


Why Are So Few CBD Oil Products Certified Organic?


There are a lot of different companies out there selling CBD oil products. Some of them claim to use organic ingredients, but only a small handful of them are marked as certified organic. Why is this? What makes many companies reluctant to get the organic certification for their products?

Organic certification because part of the law in this country in 1990 when Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) which defined what constituted organic food. By 2002, the standards were completed and codified.

In order to be considered organic, farmers may not use particular substances like certain types of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Packaged foods must have at least 70 percent of their ingredients be organic while the remaining 30 percent cannot contain GMOs and other prohibited artificial ingredients.

In 2016, Congress said that hemp plants grown in the United States could be designated as organic but only if it was grown through a state pilot program as outlined in the 2014 Farm Bill. 

Why is it important to get certified organic CBD oil products? The first reason is that hemp is a bio accumulator. It absorbs many toxins that are present in the soil it grows in. As a result, hemp plants will be very likely to contain trace amounts of whatever toxins are in the soil. 

By using organic CBD oil products, you are accomplishing three major things. First, you are helping to protect the planet. One major issue facing the environment today is the health of our oceans. They are being badly damaged by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which run off from the land to our rivers, streams and oceans after rainfall. 

Second, you would be supporting farmers who get organic certification and thereby encouraging other farmers to do likewise. That will help to further reduce the amount of chemical pesticides and fertilizer being used overall. 

And third you will confident that the products you are purchasing are healthier and do not contain those harmful chemicals. Because CBD oil is considered a supplement by the Food and Drug Administration, it is not closely regulated by that organization. Unfortunately, that means a lot of fly by night companies can make outrageous claims about their products without anything to back them up. When you purchase a certified organic CBD oil product, you at least know what’s in it and more importantly what’s not in it.

One company that has organic certification for its CBD oil products is Nuleaf Naturals. Many people may ask, is Nuleaf Natural legit? You can take a more in depth look at their products by clicking on this link. 

There are many reasons to purchase certified organic CBD oil. The products are better for the planet and better for your body. In the long run, certified organic CBD oil products allow you to feel good about what you’re buying while helping you enjoy the benefits of CBD oil at the same time. 


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