Why Are Some CBD Oil Products Full Spectrum While Others are THC Free?

Why Are Some CBD Oil Products Full Spectrum While Others are THC Free?


Why Are Some CBD Oil Products Full Spectrum While Others are THC Free?


There is often a debate in the CBD oil user community as to which is better, full spectrum CBD oil products or broad spectrum products.

The truth is that both have their advantages and their potential benefits. Choosing which one you want to use depends on what it is you’re looking for when you purchase the product. And by the way, if you want to learn more about a company that features both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil products, read this Lazarus Naturals article.

Full spectrum CBD oil products contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds that are naturally found in hemp and cannabis plants. Each of these cannabinoids have benefits on their own but in full spectrum products, when they are all present, they can help each other to work even better than they would if they were just there by themselves. Scientists call this “the entourage effect.” With the entourage effect, the whole product becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

By the way, THC is the compound in cannabis that makes people feel “high.” The more THC there is in a product, the faster it will give you that high and the more intense the feeling can be. Full spectrum CBD oil products can have a maximum of 0.3 percent THC in them and still be sold legally as over the counter supplements in all 50 states in this country. CBD oil by itself will not make you high at all. 

For example, when CBD and THC are both present in a CBD oil product, the THC acts as a catalyst to help the CBD work faster and more efficiently. Meanwhile, the CBD modifies the way the THC effects the body as well and makes it less likely that you will get “high.”

So full spectrum CBD oil products give you the maximum entourage effect and according to those who prefer full spectrum CBD products, they provide maximum benefits.

But there can be a catch. If you use full spectrum CBD oil products regularly, even that trace amount of THC can build up in your body and the result can be a false positive on a drug test. That can have negative consequences for some people if they test positive at a drug test administered by their employer.

So, an alternative is broad spectrum CBD products. Broad spectrum CBD oil has all the cannabinoids and other compounds that full spectrum products have except the THC is completely removed. This allows the entourage effect to take place, although the interactions with THC are not present. Still, taking broad spectrum CBD oil products will never result in a false positive on a drug test because there is no THC present.

Regardless of whether you choose full spectrum or broad spectrum products, you can enjoy the many benefits that CBD oil products have to offer. The question is which product works better for you and meets your needs.   

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