Why It Is Always Important the Make Sure You CBD Oil Is Independently Tested

Why It Is Always Important the Make Sure You CBD Oil Is Independently Tested

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Why It Is Always Important the Make Sure You CBD Oil Is Independently Tested


CBD oil has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a product being sold on shelves featuring CBD oil and all the benefits it offers to those who take them.

But why is it vitally important to make sure you CBD oil products are independently tested by a third-party lab? There are several reasons.

To see a great example of a company that tests all its products, you can click here to see Green Roads Review and Lab Results which describes the lab results and tells you all about their large variety of fine CBD oil products.

When Congress passed the Farm Act of 2018, it made CBD oil products legal in all 50 states provided that the product contains a maximum of 0.3 percent of THC. THC is the cannabinoid inside hemp and marijuana plants that makes users feel “high.” That means that the CBD oil products sold over the counter will not get you high. It also meant that they would be sold over the counter as supplements.

But supplements are not closely monitored by the Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, there are many fly-by-night companies that are only too eager to take advantage of that and try to sell products that don’t even contain what the label says is inside. They may not even contain much if any CBD oil at all. Therefore, if the company in question doesn’t submit its products to independent third party lab tests, you may not know what exactly is in your CBD oil product. 

You may need to know if the company is really selling a full spectrum CBD product. Do they use only organic hemp in making their CBD oil? Do they use chemical fertilizers or artificial pesticides? All of these are questions that can only be answered if the company submits its products to an independent lab review and is transparent about the results of those tests. 

By allowing consumers to see the results of the third party lab tests, the company is essentially creating trust and letting its potential customers know that it stands behind its products and is not simply making unsubstantiated claims about what it sells. It is the ultimate way for a CBD oil company to build up trust with its customers and to show they mean what they say about their products.

In the end, it is vitally important to make sure that the company you buy your CBD oil products from has their merchandise tested by an independent third party lab. It ensures that the product you are getting is high quality, pure and is putting its products to the ultimate test. Check their Web site and make sure you are actually getting what you pay for because when you’re putting something inside your body to help you get relief from various conditions and painful symptoms, you want to know it works. 

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