The Truth About eBikes.

The Truth About eBikes.


The Truth About eBikes.


For many athletes, an eBike might seem like a repugnant fitness choice. While eBikes are indeed here to stay, not everyone is happy with this. The fitness community tends to dismiss the eBike as nothing more than an exercise in laziness, as a means to diminish the value of all the hard work that a cyclist put in order to accumulate strength gains.

What are eBikes?

Electric bikes function and handle the same way as traditional bikes do. In fact, electric bikes have most of the same parts as a regular bike, only with a few added components.The electric component is meant to augment human power, not to replace it, and makes it easier to traverse hills and headwind, allowing a cyclist to travel farther without exerting as much energy.

Are eBikes Pointless to Athletes?

In short, yes, but the truth of the matter is that we’re looking at this the wrong way. In terms of raw exercise value, a traditional bike can never be replaced by an eBike. However, the eBike was never meant to be a replacement for a traditional bike, but rather a substitute for a car. If you intend to train, then by all means, you’re better off using a traditional bike to do it.

What Can eBikes Be Used For?

As previously mentioned, an eBike is meant as an alternative to a car, but they do hold exercise value for people who aren’t hardcore cycling enthusiasts. While they may not demand the same amount of exertion from their users, eBikes are fun to use in a recreational manner, and help encourage regular exercise.

This means that even your average Joe is now able to discover the joy of cycling, especially when there are a lot of affordable ebikes on the market.

Are eBikes Entirely Useless for Exercise?

From a fitness perspective, eBikes are not as useless as they seem to be. In fact, many studies have shown that the energy used to pedal a regular bicycle versus an eBike is similar to the difference between running and brisk walking. We also have to factor in the duration of the exercise. Traditional  cycling is considered to be a vigorous exercise. A person using an eBike may not exert the same amount of force compared to a person on a regular bike, but they will have the capacity to exercise longer, which is optimal for a person who wants to get fit, but is unable to sustain high-intensity movements.

It’s important to remember that eBikes are not meant for athletes, and they are not meant to replace traditional bicycles. They are a product meant for a curious demographic, one that wants to try something new, without having to completely invest in a sport. Because of eBikes, more people are trying out cycling. Just because they bought eBikes doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t going to eventually invest on an actual bicycle.

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