Chicago Cubs Fan Creates Replica Wrigley Scoreboard

Chicago Cubs Fan Creates Replica Wrigley Scoreboard

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Chicago Cubs Fan Creates Replica Wrigley Scoreboard


So what do you do if you’re one of the countless Cubs fans that hasn’t experienced a game firsthand on Chicago’s northside for almost a year?


You have Wrigley Field come to you.

For diehard Cubs fan Shaun Witt, all it took was re-purposing some wood from one of his dad’s home building projects, leftover paint and “about $200” to bring the Friendly Confines to his home in Oklahoma.

Yeah, that’s a hand-crafted replica of Wrigley’s iconic, hand-operated scoreboard fashioned into a portable (didja notice the wheels?) TV stand.

And the feedback? Oh…you better believe it was positive.

An astute eye will notice Witt’s favorite player, Hall of Famer Andre Dawson, is at bat and Kerry Wood is on the mound for the Cubs. And thanks to some ingenuity (and Amazon), you better believe that that clock actually works too!

Not to be all “what’s next?” about it, but if Witt is looking for inspiration for his next project…remember Griller Park?

Something tells me a hand-crafted grill in the shape of Wrigley Field would be the perfect complement to what is already one of the best things to come from this weird baseball season.

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