Can the most expensive squad win IPL?

Can the most expensive squad win IPL?


Can the most expensive squad win IPL?


Who wins the Indian Premier League season every year?

Which team does have a good chance of winning the prestigious t20 league?

Well, there are certain parameters that several cricket experts reveal when it comes to winning IPL. In those standards, buying the most expensive player in the auction, having a young squad or experienced roster make some fruitful discussion over the years for experts to give analysis and predictions about the winner.

Having said that does really the most expensive squad amongst the 8 teams, guarantee you to win India’s Premier t20 league?

The recent examination on IPL champions over the years, it is found that “the team with the most expensive squad has never won the tournament.”

Yes, that’s right. No team has won the IPL trophy even though having the most expensive roster in the season. The IPL is the richest cricket tournament that takes place every year and the winning team player earns more than one million dollars as the prize money. 

The 2008 season of IPL, the inaugural edition of the championship witnessed Rajasthan Royals winning the league with the least valuable roster in terms of monetary.

So do teams need to tighten their purses when going into players auction?

Well, that’s not true. They should purchase quality and match-winning players withstanding their budgets.

If you actually look at the 2020 IPL team squads, you’ll see Mumbai Indians have got the most expensive side, and comparing to 2008 data, they shouldn’t win the tournament and we can rule out them though they won the 2019 season.

But things won’t work like that. Even if you see IPL betting odds on various websites, you’ll find that Mumbai is amongst the top favorite teams to win 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. Mumbai Indians are paying more than 11 million dollars to their staff meanwhile rest of the franchises have never reached to even 11$M mark in the season.

Delhi Capitals have the least valued squad this year with spending just $9,199,000 as compared to other teams too less. This makes Capitals favorite to win Dream11 IPL 2020 trophy as if compared to the inaugural edition of the competition.

However, team owners should buy valuable cricketers in the players’ auction to strengthen their squad and give them a chance to win the season.

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