Too MANY Mental Breakdowns from the Kings on DEFENSE!

Too MANY Mental Breakdowns from the Kings on DEFENSE!

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Too MANY Mental Breakdowns from the Kings on DEFENSE!


Defensive Film Breakdown: Kings vs Mavs – NBA Bubble

Sorry for being way too frustrated with this defensive breakdown. Nothing personal against the players or coaches. When you see the same mistakes over and over throughout a season, it gets to you.

I see a lot of talk on social media from Kings fans saying they wish this team could be better defensively, but I’m not sure if they ever asked themselves if that was even realistic? Have they seen the roster construction?

As I’ve said in past, good defense will always be defeated by better offense.

With that said, the entire purpose of “highlighting” the first quarter to Kings fans is to show them that this current team will never be that “TOP 10” defensive team Luke Walton wants them to be. It’s not possible because this team is not built that way.

There is not a scheme in the world that will help this team become a “TOP 10” defensive team for 82 games because they don’t have the players to accomplish that. Now I do believe this team is built to be a “TOP 7” team offensively, but that didn’t happen this season. I blame the scheme and injuries for that. Take that as you wish.

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