Rapid Recap: Celtics blow Game 4 in grotesque fashion, on brink of elimination

Rapid Recap: Celtics blow Game 4 in grotesque fashion, on brink of elimination


Rapid Recap: Celtics blow Game 4 in grotesque fashion, on brink of elimination


Rapid Recap is designed for the busiest of Celtics fans. Whether you can’t stay awake to read 10 paragraphs or your hangover is just too much, Rapid Recap tells the timeline of the game in only a minute or two.

Not gonna lie, folks: This game super duper ultra frigging majorly goddamn sucked. Neither team looked particularly good for much of it, but the Celtics always looked just a tad worse—and sometimes a lot worse, even though they lost by just 3 to the Miami Heat, 109-112.

Boston’s big three did deliver, for whatever that’s worth: 28-9-4 for Jayson Tatum (despite a scoreless first half), 21-9-2 for Jaylen Brown and 20-4-5 for Kemba Walker. But they got nothing from the bench save Gordon Hayward’s 14 points, and regardless, this was a wide-ranging screwup everyone had a hand in—including considerable mistakes by Brad Stevens, whose lunch Erik Spoelstra gleefully ate.

The game began in aggressive fashion:

Maybe a little bit too aggressive for this early in the game, which I sorta appreciate but also…don’t get into foul trouble THIS early, especially in a game officiated by Tony Brothers:

Scoring-wise it was a back-and-forth affair—Heat punch, Celtics counterpunch. About four lead changes before Brad Stevens called the first timeout at the six-minute mark.

The Heat held a minuscule lead by the end of Q1, but not a worrisome one (at the time):

Stevens tried to get minutes from the reserves to start Q2. It didn’t go well, and Tatum having an uncommonly rough night to start didn’t help:

It didn’t help that Tony Brothers and Scott Fosters were officiating (although they were kinda tight-assed about both teams, there were some truly egregious “give me my tinfoil hat” calls against the Cs).

Not to mention neither team was particularly looking, like, “good at basketball,” especially on the offensive end.

The Heat didn’t look much better but had an edge due to foul shots and Tatum’s scoreless half.

Q3 started in peak Third Quarter Celtics fashion:

Three-point shooting is the only thing that kept the Cs from falling massively behind (including triples from Tatum and Hayward).

Then suddenly:

An incredible Brown to Theis pass for a dunk, and things looked even more promising:

Of course, this had to also be The Tyler Herro Game. He had 30 points (ultimately 37, Lord have mercy) with six minutes left in the game and it seemed like Boston was rarely guarding him whenever he shot.

More like Somehow Even More Redneck Eminem, but if you know what Wardell looks like the joke still lands. And then the Cs went cold right at the wrong time:

Well, Tatum wasn’t. But it didn’t matter. The opportunity created early in Q4 had been squandered.

Somehow, through a combination of Scott Foster performance art and Jayson Tatum, the Cs got within a few, but too little too late.

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