The Weekend Bulletin

The Weekend Bulletin


The Weekend Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the weekend that was.


Biggest Upset: Subriel Matias +110 over Malik Hawkins


Notable New Champions:

  • Vacant IBF International Cruiserweight Champion: Fabio Turchi
  • Fight To Win Female Black Belt Flyweight No-Gi Champion: Grace Gundrum
  • WBO Latino Welterweight Champion: Juan Hernan Leal
  • Submission Hunter Pro 130lb Black Belt Women’s No-Gi Champion: Danielle Kelly
  • Submission Hunter Pro 125lb Brown Belt Women’s No-Gi Champion: Alana Holly


A Few Storylines Going Forward:

  1. The Eagle Flies Home: After a triangle choke against Justin Gaethje, Khabib Nurmagomedov has called it a career with a gleaming record of 29-0. Owing it to his mother’s wish after the passing of his father, Khabib surprised all of us who thought he’d fulfill he and his father’s plan of getting to 30. Nevertheless, Dana and Co. will back up the Brinks truck and talk about legacy fights against Georges St. Pierre and the like, but for a man who such strong beliefs as Khabib, this is one combat sports retirement which actually might hold.
  2. Welcome to the Team, Floyd!: Thanks to the WBC’s absurd “Franchise” belts, even the likes of Floyd Mayweather himself has chimed in on the plague of “world” titles amongst sanctioning bodies. “Now when a fighter fights, every fighter is a champion. Ain’t no such thing as super champion” remarked Mayweather to Showtime, and it damn-near brought tears in my eyes.
  3. All’s Well That Ends Well: Between COVID concerns, possible withdrawals, and the chances of upsets, both Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman Gonzalez were victorious in their title fights on DAZN on Friday, thus setting up their rematch that’s eight years in the making, and for Estrada, the only pro defeat he’s yet to avenge.

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