Watch Masters 2020 Golf Live Stream from the United States

Watch Masters 2020 Golf Live Stream from the United States

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Watch Masters 2020 Golf Live Stream from the United States


The Master’s Golf 2020 will be organized in November instead of the usual April schedule because of the delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The winners of the Master’s Golf 2020 get entry to play in other important events like the US Open, PGA Championship, etc. for the next five years.

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The Master’s Golf 2020 will be hosted from November 12th to November 15th, 2020. 


The venue of Masters Golf 2020 is Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. 

How to watch live?

For the real fans of golf, there is an immersive set of choices to watch the Masters Golf 2020 live. 

Official broadcasting platforms:

  • It is the easiest way to view the Master’s Golf 2020 tournament. is the official broadcasting channel of the Master’s tournament organizers in the US. 
  • CBS All Access- You can view the Master’s Golf tournament via CBS All Access on different devices without the hassle of paying the cable subscription. The CBS All Access package is the single network streaming service pack that you need for all your requirements. 
  • ESPN+ –This relatively new streaming service from ESPN brings to you live action from numerous sports to the comfort of your homes at just 4.99 USD per month or 49.99 USD annually. 

Watching Masters 2020 Golf Live Stream without cable:

  • Youtube TV- With a monthly subscription charge of 40 USD, you can view CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, and all the channels that are broadcasting Masters 2020 Golf. 
  • Hulu with Live TV- It is a spare package of Hulu that broadcasts CBS, CBS Sport, ESPN, ESPN 2, and offers 50 hours of storage space with cloud DVR service, at just 39.99 USD per month. 
  • Sling TV- Sling TV is a brilliant option that provides the Orange, Blue, and Orange+Blue bundles. The Orange bundle exclusively broadcasts ESPN and ESPN 2 whereas the Blue bundle exclusively broadcasts CBS and CBS Sports. You can subscribe to either of the bundles at 25 USD each or the Orange+Blue bundle at 40 USD per month. 
  • Fubo TV- It is another popular tv streaming service which covers CBS and CBS Sports in its Fubo and Fubo Extra bundles. You can also upgrade the cloud DVR storage space with 9.99 USD extra and also upgrade from 2 users to 3 users by paying a meager 5.99 USD additional charge. 
  • DirecTV Now- It has 5 types of media streaming packages which include CBS and CBS Sports but ESPN channels are only included in four of them. Select your plans carefully if you want to proceed with this. 
  • PlayStation Vue- Playstation Vue is a rich streaming service that offers you access to CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, etc. in all its packages and also allows you to split the screen into three devices. 

How to watch live in the US?

The US golf fans have a rich set of options to view the Masters 2020 Golf tournament including the, ESPN+, CBS All Access, and live broadcasting channels like CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, etc. They can also view using TV streaming services like Youtube TV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, etc. 

How to watch live in Canada?

The Canadian golf fans can access the slim packages of the TV streaming services like Youtube TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, FuboTV, etc. to view the Master’s Golf 2020 in vivid detail. 

How to watch live in the UK?

Apart from the official streaming platforms namely, the fans in the UK can enjoy live action from the Master’s Golf 2020 tournament by subscribing to one of the cheap packages of TV streaming platforms like Hulu with Live TV, FuboTV, Sling TV, Youtube TV, PS Vue amongst others. 

How to watch live in Australia?

The fans in Australia can tune into to get the live and on-demand content from the 2020 Masters Golf tournament. 

How to watch live in Poland?

The most sensible option to watch the Master’s Golf 2020 tournament for the Polish fans is by tuning in to Sky Sports. The singular channels or the entire package comes in between 18 to 30 Euros per month. Another option is to log in to and watch the entire event. 

How to watch live from anywhere else in the world?

If you are unable to use your online streaming channels or the live broadcasting channels in your browser to view the Master’s Golf 2020, it means you are the victim of geo-restriction. You can evade the same and enjoy all the content by using a VPN service like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. 

How to watch live using other devices?

  • Kodi- You can either use Kodi without a browser or online channels or install it on Apple TV, Android, iOS devices, PC, or Mac. 
  • Roku- You can use Roku Player or Roku TV and enter your authentication credentials to watch the live-action from the Masters 2020 golf tournament. 
  • Apple TV- You can install the AirPlay app on your Apple TV to watch the Masters 2020 Golf. 
  • Xbox- You can view the Master’s Golf 2020 using top media streaming services that are compatible with Xbox. 
  • iPhone and iPad- You can download the Master’s Tournament App and watch it on your iPhone and iPad. 
  • Android- You can download the Master’s Tournament Apps from the play store and watch live action from the tournament on your android device. 

How to watch using Reddit?

Reddit is a brilliant social platform where you can enter your credentials and log in to direct yourself to the relevant subreddits that exist for the 2020 Masters Tournament Golf. The Redditers upload links to the live-action from the Augusta Golf Course. With a little effort, you can find a suitable live link that allows you to enjoy the live golf action absolutely free of cost!

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