Picking the Best Golfer Cremation Urns For a Loved One

Picking the Best Golfer Cremation Urns For a Loved One


Picking the Best Golfer Cremation Urns For a Loved One


Today, there are more personalized services for saying goodbye to a loved one than ever. Now you can celebrate their life and what was special to them by purchasing an urn that best reflects their hobbies and interests. One of the most common hobbies is golf, which explains why it’s a popular choice for themed urns. Now, let’s look at golf-themed urns in more detail, including some of the most popular choices that you can buy for your loved one. As these urns are a common tribute for loved ones, you’ll find them readily at such websites as Green Meadow Memorials, where they’re available for a modern and personalized funeral service.

What’s a Golf-Themed Urn?

A urn contains the remains of a loved one. A golf-themed urn is adorned with golfers, tees, balls, or golf clubs. Some are these urns are specific to gender, while some use images of equipment rather than individual golfers. You can often personalize one of these urns with the name of your loved one, a quote, and birth and death dates. You may also be able to include their image.

One option is to use a temporary urn. They can contain the remains of your loved one during a funeral service before you scatter them at some point after the service. You can also use it to hold the remains forever. You may bury the urn itself, with the remains inside, at a cemetery or elsewhere.

Popular Types of Golf Urns

Here are the main types of golf urns that you can buy as a part of a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Golf Companion Urn

If a romantic partnership consists of two keen golfers or golf fans, you could buy a golf-themed urn with the capacity to contain the remains of each partner. This urn is known as a companion urn.

Small Golf Urns

There are plenty of small urns available in the marketplace. There might be multiple reasons why you would go for a smaller urn. For example, if your family wants to divide the remains for each family member, you might want just a small urn for yourself to hold your particular option of the remains. Another reason might be that you don’t have all the remains to store if some were used to craft glass work or cremation jewelry. You’ll also find that smaller urns are more cost-effective than those of a standard size.

Engravable Cremation Urn

There are various urn shapes available. If you like the classic vase-shape, you can buy one themed around golf. You can find some made from an aluminum alloy at online marketplaces. The image can be a golfer of any gender, or it can even be a piece of golf equipment. If you want to, you could also include the name of your loved ones, along with significant dates, golf scores, or a message.

Wooden Box Cremation Urn

If you want to keep your urn safely tucked away on a shelf or a bookcase, you could buy an urn shaped like a classic and simple wood box. You can personalize the urn with the name of your loved one attached to the urn via a metal plate. This qualifies as a golf-themed urn because the background of the plate can display a generic photo of either golf clubs or a golfer.

Book Silhouette Cremation Urn

Another way of keeping your loved one’s urn in a bookcase is to have it next to other precious items. In this case, you could buy a golf-themed urn that resembles a book. This option is a good one if you want to discreetly store your loved one’s remains. You can have an attached plate at the front to celebrate numerous sports, interests, or hobbies.

Other Ways of Personalizing a Funeral For Your Loved One

It’s understandable that you want a unique service for your loved one. The best way to do this is to personalize as much of the service as possible.

You can choose music that aligns with the taste of your loved one, and maybe even enlist the help of family members with musical talent to contribute solo performances. Take time to craft the obituary and eulogy, and include details that capture your loved one’s essence. Carefully choose flower displays that hold a special significance to the family. And choose a poem that can be either printed for the funeral program or read aloud at the service.

Just do your own planning to ensure that your funeral is as personalized around the essence of your loved one as possible. Your family will appreciate the care you took to pay a meaningful tribute.

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