Daniel Chiang Launches Line Sniper The Bloomberg of Sports Betting Platform 

Daniel Chiang Launches Line Sniper The Bloomberg of Sports Betting Platform 


Daniel Chiang Launches Line Sniper The Bloomberg of Sports Betting Platform 


Recently, a new sports betting platform entered the arena. Meet Line Sniper — it’s set to become the Bloomberg of betting platforms as it offers bettors of all levels with the opportunity to learn sports betting through transparent, indispensable evergreen tools and information delivered by the sharpest handicappers in the industry.  

Before we dive into the latest and greatest, let’s take a look back at how far gambling and sports betting has come to get a better understanding of what the market looks like today. 

Sep 8, 2020; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; (note: original photo converted to black and white) General view of Citizens Bank Park after a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The U.S. has a long history of gambling and sports betting dating back to the 18th Century when the American Revolutionary War was funded partially through taxes on lotteries in colonies. Through the 19th and 20th century, horse racing and card rooms appeared. Gambling was not necessarily legal, but was not illegal until the 1919 Black Sox Scandal when the Soxs were alleged of intentionally throwing the World Series. Thereafter, the states began banning forms of gambling by targeting bookies, operators and facilitators. 

Today, gambling and sports betting have come far. On May 14, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting allowing each state to set their own regulation. Now sports betting is legal and fully operational in 18 states with more on the way. While there has been a long history of back and forth between gambling laws and people who want to bet on sports, the future of sports betting looks promising with multiple avenues for fans to try their luck.

Following the spike in sports betting across the nation, sports betting companies and apps began to rapidly take hold. Bitcoin even entered sports betting and many top sportsbooks only accept bitcoin as it is considered the easiest, fastest and most straightforward way to wager on games. While there are reputable sports betting organizations, they are also few and far between in regard to teaching bettors the ins and outs of the sport. After interviewing a variety of sports betting companies, we came across one that stood out above the rest — Line Sniper

The story begins with Daniel Chiang, a Wharton alumni with a knack for analytics and a vision to turn his passion into the goliath of sports betting. Early in his career, Daniel found himself working in finance for a long/short equity hedge fund where he used his expertise to identify mispriced stocks. Daniel turned his eye toward sports betting where he discovered that the betting marketing was incredibly inefficient, at least more so than stocks were.

Nov 7, 2020; Lexington, KY, USA; Authentic with John Velazquez up wins the Longines Breeders’ Cup Classic race during the 37th Breeders Cup World Championship at Keeneland Race Track. Authentic won the Kentucky Derby earlier in the year. Mandatory Credit: Arden Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After the legalization of sports betting, Daniel mentored alongside one of the top sports bettors in the world and won big resulting in his limitation set by most U.S. sportsbooks with lower wage limits. Following his success in sports betting and lengthy discussions revolving around the issues that currently exist within the sports betting content landscape, Daniel began brainstorming ways to share his wealth of knowledge with the public which led to Line Sniper.

“There is a vast amount of misinformation given to sports bettors right now. I want to provide a helpful and well-rounded resource to bettors looking to break into the market,” said Daniel. “I’m tired of tout services (pick sellers) taking advantage of the public with false promises of a quick way to win. It’s easy to doctor track records to dupe the public into thinking you have a winning system. Even if a tout service claims to be ‘reinventing the pick selling business,’ there are fundamental reasons why this claim is disingenuous. There is an opportunity here to build trust with the public through indispensable evergreen tools and information, delivered by the sharpest handicappers in the industry.”

Line Sniper officially launched on October 21, 2020 and has quickly become a trusted resource in sports betting providing content and in-game analysis for individuals at all betting levels as a result of Daniel’s expertise, transparency with bettors and Line Sniper’s offerings. The company currently has over 1,000 individuals that are participating in Line Sniper’s BETA version. 

“While other companies provide ‘Betting 101’ information, if you take a closer look at the content quality, the instruction section is an afterthought. Instruction tends to stop with the basics. That’s where our Line Sniper +EV Betting Strategy series comes in,” said Daniel. “We teach the average bettor winning strategies in a style that the layperson can understand. Our site has a calculator to deliver that information, along with +EV strategy instruction on how to utilize it. Line Sniper has created and aggregated tools like this in one place. Line Sniper experts also deliver commentary that is valuable to bettors, to enhance the experience, in live chat rooms.”

Unlike other sports betting websites and apps, Line Sniper’s platform is customized to facilitate communication and idea sharing within the sports betting landscape. The platform offers various forums dedicated to specific sports and betting strategies. Contest performance results are tracked and can be displayed on profiles for the competitively inclined. Line Sniper is successfully building a community of bettors of all skill levels so that everyone feels comfortable and welcome. 

Nov 8, 2020; Orlando, Florida, USA; Nashville SC forward Jhonder Cadiz (99) and Orlando City defender Antonio Carlos (25) chase down the ball in the second half at Orlando City Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel offers advice to bettors, “The first thing is – there are no sure things and no guaranteed winners. With over seven digits of profit from sports betting under my belt, I can guarantee that winning bets are created through hard work and studying the right information. The most important thing in sports betting is getting a good price on a bet. This is a crucial factor when determining whether you’ll win or lose over the long run.”

Daniel aims to turn Line Sniper into the “Bloomberg of sports betting” and says he offers the sports betting market with valuable information that they won’t find anywhere else. “We determine our next bets through careful study of analytics, line shopping to find good pricing, and years of combined team experience,” he adds. 

As more states turn to the legalization of sports betting, Daniel says bettors are at an advantage because they are able to bet without fear of being robbed by bookies or forced through extremely grey markets. However, bettors should be advised that “legalized sports books often copy offshore sportsbook lines and are extremely adversarial to winning bettors.”

Line Sniper has big plans for the sports betting community. Looking ahead at 2021, Daniel predicts that the sports betting market will rapidly escalate as more states legalize betting. “I believe the market is projected for significant growth over the next year,” offers Daniel. 

So, what are you waiting for? Regardless of your betting expertise, check out Line Sniper today to learn what the experts have to say. 

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