Tweet of the Moment

Tweet of the Moment

Barry Melrose Rocks

Tweet of the Moment


Sometimes, I feel like I’m completely out of touch. The constraints of time have left me unable to dedicate as much of my life to enjoying hockey as I used to, much less write about it. Two children, book writing, and a career outside of blogging have sapped a lot of time.

And I’m getting old, too. When I started writing, you got traffic by finding other sites and linking to them. I’ve been doing this since before social media. I still feel like I’m new to Barry Melrose Rocks, but honestly, I’ve been at this site for a decade+. I don’t even remember for sure.

Yes, sometimes, I wonder if I’m out of touch, if the world has passed me by. Then, I see a tweet about Twitch Swag that the Sharks retweeted and I’m absolutely sure of it.


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