An Ultimate Guide of Sports Betting with Bitcoin!

An Ultimate Guide of Sports Betting with Bitcoin!


An Ultimate Guide of Sports Betting with Bitcoin!


The power of cryptocurrency has improved numerous industries and sectors. The most popular virtual currency that changed the payment method of almost all the industries is bitcoin. The bitcoin system’s underlying technology has introduced a new way of payment and has provided customers and players great ease.

Bitcoin is widely used in sports for betting due to amazing factors like great ease, high speed, and improved security. Because of bitcoin, more and more people are entering into the world of cryptocurrencies and are gaining knowledge on it. Beginners can know more about the Crypto revolution by visiting 

What is Sports Betting?

Mar 1, 2020; Harrison, New Jersey, USA; New York Red Bulls midfielder Daniel Royer (77) and FC Cincinnati defender Maikel van der Werff (23) battle for a header during the second half at Red Bull Arena. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The process of predicting the result of the sports by placing money on it is called sports betting. It allows the bettors to choose their favorite sport to bet on by predicting the sport’s outcome. There are different betting options for different sports. For instance, football allows an immersive and powerful experience in which the bettors can make calculations and use strategies to predict the outcome in their favor and win more money. 

On which sports bettors can bet on?

There are huge types of sports on which bettors can make predictions. Those sports include rugby, basketball, tennis, soccer, football, cricket, baseball. The sportsbooks allow the bettors to place a bet on horse racing, chess, handball, floorball, volleyball, darts, snooker, and many more. With the introduction of cryptocurrency, there is a great rise in esports, which provides bettors a great opportunity to place bets on qualified sports, including Fifa online championships, Dota 2, and League of Legends.  

What types of bets can be made on sports?

The bets that you can make on sports are of a wide-range. The user can find the sports bet according to their budget and the winning amount. If the user is feeling lucky, he/she can discover the outsider odds or split the sports bet through an accumulator to attempt to succeed in the series of bets that will help boost the winning amount.

Feb 17, 2020; South Bend, Indiana, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish guard Prentiss Hubb (3) goes up for a shot as North Carolina Tar Heels forward Armando Bacot (5) defends in the second half at the Purcell Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Benefits of using bitcoins for sports betting

High security

The main concern of bettors is the security for using the bitcoins for sports betting. Security is the most important factor to be considered. Almost all the sports betting sites that use bitcoins have two-factor authentication to secure the payments. There are web portals designed to secure the bitcoin bets of the users. The winning amount is further transferred to the bitcoin wallet of the user after winning the bet.

The main reason why the cryptocurrency is used for sports betting is that it uses cryptography, which encrypts the messages and keys. This prevents any fraud or hacks and secures the bitcoin wallet and transactions. 

No transaction fee

The bitcoin system has no banks’ involvement, and therefore placing the bets, no banking fee is charged from bettors. Unlike banking organizations, the bitcoin value is completely transparent. This allows the sports betting sites to set the different minimum and maximum deposit of bitcoins. This removes the barrier for bettors to enter into sports bet, and they can place both small and large bets than traditional currency payments. 

User anonymity

The main reason people are attracted to bitcoin payment is that it maintains the user anonymity while using it as a medium of exchange. The Bitcoin system doesn’t require personal information but uses the IDs and passwords mandatory to validate the bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin transactions are made from the bitcoin wallet by knowing the bitcoin address of others. This doesn’t require anyone to share their personal information with others. While betting, user anonymity is maintained, and no sensitive information is disclosed.

Value of Bitcoin

Along with the popularity of bitcoin, the value of it is also rising. The rising value of bitcoin is an advantage for placing bets with it. The bettors can place a bet using bitcoin’s increased value, which makes you understand that you are not restricted to the flows of fiat currencies. You need to be aware of bitcoin’s value as it is only profitable if it is rising. If the market is down, you must convert your bitcoin into cash and must not place a sports bet as you may lose money.

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