Tips for Picking the Best Connected Rowing Machine for You

Tips for Picking the Best Connected Rowing Machine for You

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Tips for Picking the Best Connected Rowing Machine for You


Working out is a necessity for your health and physical fitness. During these pandemic times where visiting the gym is not quite an option for most of us, you might have considered investing in some home gym equipment. When getting your home workout equipment, you will want to be mindful of your budget and the available space in your home, among other things. When looking to purchase a connected rowing machine in particular, here are several tips to ensure you get the right value for your money.

Buy From a Reputable Company 

If you are a constant buyer of equipment, you have noticed that different companies make the same product. It is the innovativeness that is portrayed by one company that makes all the difference. Gym equipment is quite expensive, and hence caution is necessary to make sure one gets the right thing.

When getting a connected rowing machine, you will want to compare different brands by their reputation and reviews from other users. A recent review by InfomotionSports compares two of the most popular brands side by side, Hydro and Ergatta. In the article, Paul Sandford says that both of these connected rowing machines provide a great connected experience but each has its own features of value that make it unique. Do some research and get to know what companies make this equipment and how much it costs.

Consider the Design

Like most other products, a rowing machine has several designs. The pricing, size, maintenance cost, and ease of connection are dependent on the style you pick. Rowing machines vary depending on the technology under their workability.

Some use air; they are less expensive and easiest to connect. They are also space-friendly. The other type is the hydraulic rowers, which use fluid mechanics for their working, occupy a larger space, and are a bit complicated to assemble. The other popular type includes magnetic and water rowers. They are the quietest, smoothest, most expensive, largest in size, and more sophisticated when connecting the equipment.

Test the Machine

One of the most effective ways of always ensuring that whatever you are buying is usable is testing it before carrying it without you. Most sellers will not allow you to test the equipment until you have paid for it. All the same, make sure you are certain that whatever you are taking home with you is working before you can leave a store. If the vendor allows you to, it is best to try it out and test the connected experience as well.

Get an Expert to Install It for You

Unless you are smart enough to know how to connect these machines, you need to have somebody you know can perfectly connect the machines. Most preferably, carry someone from the store to come and make the connection for you.

That way, in case of any complications with the connection, you will have someone to look back at. Most of these machines come with a warranty that could be voided if an expert did not do the installation. You don’t want to lose thousands of dollars just to make sure that you can make the connection on your own.

Don’t Always Go For Fancy Looks

Some of the designs are very admirable to look at. Most are fancy looking and very attractive to the eye. However, this should not be the reason you are getting such a machine. You don’t need fancy in your workout room. You need something that will serve you for a long time with low maintenance. Fancy looking machines can be sophisticated to connect. You need something that even if there is a fault when using it, you will get to rectify the issue on your own. As you think of getting any machines, make sure you can use it, repair it, and it will last long enough in service. Fancy looking gym equipment rarely meets all these expectations. That being said, be wise when making a selection of the equipment you intend on carrying home.

Getting a connected rowing machine is a good move to maintaining your health and physical fitness. As you choose to buy one, the connected workout experience, as well as the ease of connection, are paramount considerations. Moreover, the unique features, design, quality, and durability matter too. Of course, we can’t ignore brand reputation and pricing. The above are just a few things to have in mind when choosing a connected rowing machine for your needs.

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