Chan Gailey raves about Tua Tagovailoa's work ethic

Chan Gailey raves about Tua Tagovailoa's work ethic


Chan Gailey raves about Tua Tagovailoa's work ethic


Dolphins rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has taken the NFL world by storm, having started three games, winning all three of them.

In fact, the Alabama product has thrown five touchdown passes, with no interceptions — even though he got away with a few tossed into traffic in Sunday’s win over the Chargers. The Dolphins have employed a safe gameplan, but it works, as Tagovailoa has been extremely efficient, boasting a 104.8 quarterback rating.

The Dolphins are now 5-3, in great position to land a playoff berth. The Bills did them a huge favor losing to the Cardinals in Week 10 via a Hail Mary pass, and now the AFC East is even up for grabs.

Veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick got the team off to a great start, but it’s Tua’s team now. His teammates seem to really believe in him, as well as his offensive coordinator, judging by what Chan Gailey recently said.

“He is a glass-half-full guy,” Gailey said, as transcribed by “Everything is going to work out, everything’s going to get better, everything’s going to be just fine. Let’s just keep doing what we do.”

He continued:

“If the trainer says, ‘Hop on your right foot 20 times,’ he hops on his right foot 20 times – even if you’re not looking. He will do all the little things to get where he needs to be, and he has no reservations about any of that. He enjoys it. He enjoys the challenge.”

Given the scouting report on Tagovailoa, we’re not surprised to hear about how strong his work ethic is.

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