3 reasons why Eagles should consider benching Carson Wentz

3 reasons why Eagles should consider benching Carson Wentz


3 reasons why Eagles should consider benching Carson Wentz


The Philadelphia Eagles are a bad football team, and the quarterback isn’t doing them any favors.

How long are the Philadelphia Eagles going to pretend Carson Wentz is going to be able to turn things around this season? Ever since the second half of the season opener against the Washington Football Team, Wentz has shown signs of regression in addition to making the same mistakes he’s made in every year since getting drafted to the Eagles.

Before we call for Wentz’s job as the starting quarterback, it has to be noted that the Eagles’ struggles in 2020 do not fall solely on Carson Wentz. This is a bad football team, point-blank.

From the front office to the coaching staff, all the way down to the players, the Eagles have issues. It’s easy to pin the blame on the quarterback whenever a team struggles. But just because the entire team is doing a lousy job doesn’t mean that lets one person off the hook.

Quarterbacks are in a different category. They command the offense and are relied on to make plays happen. The talent and coaches surrounding Wentz are questionable — but we’ve seen No. 11 overcome these same obstacles late last season. For a young quarterback, this kind of play could be excused and chalked up to growing pains.

For a fifth-year starter, this kind of performance is nothing less than alarming. It’s not time for the Eagles to close the chapter on Wentz and look to move him next offseason. But it is time for the Eagles to consider making a change right now for several reasons.

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